Pumps provide slurry metering.

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Self-priming Slurry-Duty Metering Series Pumps are available in 3 sizes and provide consistent, pulse-free metered flow at up to 37 gpm and 1200 psi. Able to run dry without damage, their sealless design allows flow to remain linear throughout pressure range. Suited for pumping harsh, abrasive slurries, shear sensitive fluids, and clean, corrosive chemicals, pumps utilize hydraulically balanced diaphragm technology.

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Slurry-Duty Pumps Provide Price Favorable Metering Capability

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Hydra-Cell Industrial Pumps, Wanner Engineering Inc., introduces Slurry-Duty Metering Series Pumps. These pumps offer excellent metering accuracy and repeatability at lower cost when compared to conventional metering pumps. They are available in three standard sizes, and provide consistent, virtually pulse-free metered flow at up to 37 gpm and 1200 psi. Flow remains linear throughout the pressure range.

Their unique sealless design allows them to provide smoother and quieter operation, longer pump life, increased flow and pressure, and reduced maintenance costs when stacked up against comparable style metering pumps. They are ideal for pumping harsh abrasive slurries, shear sensitive fluids and clean corrosive chemicals, among others.

Slurry-Duty Metering Pumps utilize patented hydraulically balanced diaphragm technology, which allow higher speed operation and even higher turn down ratios. These pumps are self-priming and can run dry without damage.

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