Pumpcoat's Vendornet in Action - Blasting and Coating Large Floors are a Breeze

Pumpcoat~ PCI Contractors has been in business for 17 years, providing high quality service to customers in power generation, industrial, commercial, property maintenance and other industries. Along the way, we’ve acquired a wide variety of abilities.

Good service and satisfaction have always been cornerstone values at PCI. Sometimes we find our customers will need something done that is not in our skill set. Over the years, we have built up a “Vendornet” (Vendor network). PCI has developed good relationships with other qualified and reliable companies that have complementary skills to our own that we can subcontract and get the job done.

An example is a large floor we did for an Industrial customer. Pumpcoat utilized its Vendornet to subcontract a company that routinely did large area blasting.  Using larger machines and additional manpower, the blasting work was done quickly. Supervisory Personnel from PCI ran the job to make sure all the customer’s Environmental, Health and Safety specifications were adhered to.  Once the blasting was complete, PCI workers applied the coating. From the customer’s perspective, the job was seamless. One Purchase Order to manage, and the quality and safety was assured by Pumpcoat~PCI Contractors

Another example is a cooling tower repair we did for a manufacturing customer.  The pans and some other frame parts were rotted through and beyond salvaging.  Pumpcoat went through its Vendornet and used a local company that fabricates metal parts. We had new pans and beams made up with a quick turnaround. Pumpcoat installed the newly fabricated pieces, coated the everything for future corrosion resistance.  The job was completed in a timely fashion and the customer was pleased with the quality of work.

In a time where good customer service has been trimmed from the budget, Pumpcoat~PCI Contractors makes sure that its customers are valued, and their satisfaction is our priority. Through its Vendornet, Pumpcoat~PCI can extend its services and keep its customers happy.

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