Pump suits tough sump applications.

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Pitbull Pump is made up of pressure chamber and 2 check valves with remote control panel. It is based on compressed air piston acting directly on surface of liquid being pumped. Liquid is directed into chamber, pressurized, and discharged with air/liquid interface maintained through process to eliminate need for diaphragm or bladder. Pump cycling is automatic so it stops when no liquid is present. Pitbull handles hard-to-pump solids and abrasives, trash, and chemicals.

Original Press Release:

Introducing: An Innovation in Pump Technology for Your Toughest Sump Applications

The Pitbull: built so simple, without impellers, for the difficult pumping jobs The Pitbull Dog: rugged, tenacious and never gives up. The Pitbull Pump: Just as rugged, even more tenacious and also never gives up. The Pitbull Pump, designed and manufactured by Chicago Industrial Pump Company, is the ultimate in simple design innovation, but will handle your hardest-to-pump applications: solids and abrasives, trash and chemicals and other difficult fluid applications. ***Here's how it works: The Pitbull is based on the concept of a compressed air "piston" acting directly on the surface of the liquid being pumped. The pump is made up of a pressure chamber and two check valves with a remote control panel. ***Here's what it does: Liquid is directed into the chamber, pressurized and then discharged with an air/liquid interface maintained through the process to eliminate the need for a diaphragm or bladder. Pump cycling is automatic so it stops when no liquid is present. ***The bottom line: Less parts -- no motors, shafts, impellers, seals or diaphragms -- means less maintenance. There is very little to go wrong with a Pitbull pump and when a check valve eventually does wear out, it is very easy to repair. By combining reliable operation with quick and simple repairs, the Pitbull will help achieve a more efficient and smooth-running operation...saving plant personnel both time and money.

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