Pulse Combustion Systems Purchases Homogenizer; Adds to Emulsion-Drying Capability

Pulse Combustion Systems (PCS) announced today that it has purchased a homogenizer for use in preparing emulsions and other products containing fats (such as whole milk) for pulse drying.  The homogenizer's output will match the input of the company's Pilot Dryer.

"We are excited about adding this equipment to our inventory," says David A. Mirko, VP of Process Development.  "Our pulse dryer has always done a great job on emulsions and other products containing lipids, and now we will be able to turn out even better powders.  Also, pulse drying tends to preserve lipids to a far greater extent than conventional spray drying, and we look forward to demonstrating some very high quality products."

PCS welcomes inquiries about lipid-containing products, and looks forward to conducting Pilot Trials for customers.


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