Pulltarps Mfg. Continues to Inform the Tarping Industry with their Tarp Expert Program

El Cajon, CA - Pulltarps Mfg, the leading innovator in tarping, is offering a new free online program to help consumers learn more about tarping and tarp systems. The New Tarp Expert Program offers Pulltarps' resources and knowledge in a quick and easy certification process.

For more information, specifications, and photos go to http//:pulltarps.com/expert.html.

Mr. Lynn Chenowth, Owner, Pulltarps Mfg. said, "Whether you are in the truck or trailer business, or do your own hauling with your truck or a whole fleet of trucks, this information can help you."

The tarping information is gathered from frequently asked questions and years of experience. The online certification format is easy, just fill in the blanks with the best answers from the drop down menus, or follow the links to find the information you want in detail. Upon completion, you will receive a Pulltarps Hat, Certificate of Completion, a Tarp Expert Quick Guide Counter Mat and our latest brochures and literature all sent directly to you. Take the challenge, go to pulltarps.com/expert

"The Tarp Expert Program gives the customer the opportunity to use Pulltarps' abundance of data to make knowledgeable decisions about tarping products and the industry in general," explains Glenn Ray, marketing manager.

Since 1989 Pulltarps manufacturing has been providing high quality, reliable and cost effective truck tarp systems for the construction industry. We offer a full range of advanced truck tarps and tarping systems for covering all types of trucks and trailers. Our truck tarp systems are built to last and include electric and manual arm tarp systems, cable tarp systems, and manual or electric Pulltarps. For more information and a free catalog of all PULLTARPS® products call (800) 368-3075 or visit us at www.pulltarps.com.

CONTACT: Glenn Ray, Marketing Director

PULLTARPS MFG. (800)-368-3075

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