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Pull-Off Testers store complete record of test.

Press Release Summary:

Designed to facilitate operation, DY-2 pull-off testers have integrated, feedback-controlled motor and provide fully automated test at constant load rate. Load rate and all test results required by application are recorded to ensure standards compliance, and mode of failure can be recorded along with test result. Suited for field testing applications, portable testers offer automatic calculation of bond strength as well as DY-Link software for complete reporting of load rate.

Original Press Release:

Proceq's Next Generation of Pull-Off Testers

Proceq’s new DY-2 pull-off testers cover the complete range of pull-off applications with unmatched ease of operation and a unique capability to store a complete record of the test. The portability and simple operation of the lightweight unit makes it ideal for field testing applications — easy to operate even on walls and overhead.

Pull-off testing is widely used in the construction industry and this is reflected in the huge number of standards dedicated to the method. Previously, operator influence in the application of a controlled load rate has been known to be a detrimental influence on test results. The DY-2 with its integrated, feedback controlled motor removes this variable completely by providing a fully automated test at a constant load rate. The load rate and all test results required by the application are recorded to ensure standards compliance:

• Time and date of the test • Test disc size • Maximum load applied
• Automatic calculation of bond strength • Applied load rate with graphical record • Complete time of test • Failure mode

Failure Mode Reporting
Most pull-off testing standards require the operator to record the mode of failure. DY-2 is unique in that it allows this information to be saved along with the test result.

DY-Link Software for Complete Reporting of Load Rate
DY-2 provides documentary proof that the test was actually carried out with the specified load rate.The load rate curve is saved along with the test results and may be downloaded to a PC for reporting, or it may also be viewed in real time if the DY-2 is connected to a PC during the test.

Applicable Standards
EN 1542, EN 1015, EN 1348, ISO 4624, BS 1881 Part 207, ASTM D 4541, ASTM C 1583, ASTM D 7234, ASTM D 7522, ZTV-SIB 90

Service and Warranty
Proceq provides complete support for the DY-2 testing instrument by means of our global service and support facilities. Each instrument is backed by the standard Proceq 2-year warranty and extended warranty options.

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