Public Address System includes voice evacuation functionality.

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Featuring advanced DSP, PROMATRIX 8000 delivers signal-to-noise ratio of 105 dB. Multi-channel audio routing and multiband equalization on-the-fly ensure that customized audio is available throughout installation. With 8 slots for I/O cards, digital network controller enables connection to call stations, music sources, and stored-message systems. Multiple controllers can be networked to create large solutions that can feed up to 1,000 zones with pre-recorded messages, live speech, and/or music.

Original Press Release:

DYNACORD's PROMATRIX 8000 Combines ProAudio with Public Address & Voice Evacuation

  • Best scalable solution for venues requiring permanent public address, EVAC and professional sound functionality
  • High-quality digital sound surpassing the performance of many professional sound systems
  • IRIS-Net(TM) control and configuration enabling highly customized audio and control throughout the system.

    Straubing, - DYNACORD, leading manufacturer of professional audio systems, introduces the PROMATRIX 8000 system, combining audio reproduction at a professional level with reliable public address and voice evacuation functionality.

    Venues where professional sound and public address/voice evacuation functionality are both required commonly have to rely on separate systems. The new PROMATRIX 8000 eliminates the need of two separate systems created by this approach by providing a unique integrated, single solution for medium to large venues where permanently installed public address and voice evacuation are required with additional professional audio functions. Examples of such venues include stadiums, hotels, casinos, universities, sports and leisure facilities and office buildings.

    By integrating both functions in just one system, configuration and setup are highly efficient and cost-saving. The PROMATRIX 8000, moreover, meets all relevant safety standards. It can also act as a standalone public address and/or voice evacuation system.

    Professional audio quality

    Featuring advanced digital signal processing, the PROMATRIX 8000 system delivers truly impressive audio with a signal-to-noise ratio of 105 dB, surpassing the performance of many professional sound systems and the sound requirements of live concerts. In addition, multi-channel audio routing and multiband equalization on the fly ensures that customized audio is available throughout the installation.

    Flexible and reliable emergency evacuation

    The heart of the PROMATRIX 8000 system is a digital network controller that takes care of audio routing and handling of control data. The controller offers digital audio processing and has eight slots for input and output cards, enabling it to connect to call stations, music sources such as CD players, and stored-message systems. Multiple controllers can be networked to create large application solutions that can feed up to 1000 zones with pre-recorded messages, live speech and/or music.

    In addition, control I/O modules for integration of other external functions can easily be inserted into the system. These can, for example, control pan/tilt functionality of a video camera, activate emergency lighting, trigger sun-screen open or closure and operate entrance control systems.

    The entire system network, whether local or de-centralized, is configured and controlled via IRIS-Net(TM) software, enabling highly customized audio and control throughout the system.

    To assure safe operation at all times, the system is fully supervised from paging station to the last loudspeaker in the line. The system also incorporates 24 V power to connect backup power sources in case of a main power source failure.

    The PROMATRIX 8000 is a comprehensive and complete system that offers an extremely high level of functional integration. It also offers the flexibility to easily integrate third-party equipment such as Electro-Voice equipment, as well as DYNACORD low-Z amplifiers. Once configured, standalone and networked systems can operate without a PC connected.

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