PTFE Material withstands extreme temperatures/pressures.

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Available in range of rod, tube, and sheet sizes, Fluorosint® 135 is designed to provide low coefficient of friction and deformation for seals, bearings, and washer applications. Machinability and stability offers protection against wear and breakdown, and this Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) material continues to protect and reduce risk of malfunction due to corrosive chemical attacks even at temperature/pressure extremes.

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Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products Introduces Fluorosint® 135, Innovative New PTFE Material that Outperforms in Extreme Conditions

Fluorosint® 135 Outperforms Other PTFE Materials

Reading, PA -- Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products proudly announces the launch of Fluorosint® 135, a Polytetrafluoroethylene ( PTFE ) material uniquely designed to provide the lowest coefficient of friction and deformation for seals, bearings, and washer applications. Engineered for superior performance and value, Quadrant Fluorosint® 135’s machinability and stability offers the best protection against wear and breakdown. Even at extreme temperatures and pressures, Quadrant Fluorosint® 135 continues to protect and reduce the risk of malfunction due to corrosive chemical attacks.

Dr. Richard Campbell, Quadrant EPP’s Global Materials Technology Manager, commented on the breakthrough: “Recognizing the increasing demand for increased durability and toughness, Quadrant's R&D team created a breakthrough material that outperforms typical PTFE compounds. Quadrant Fluorosint® 135 was the result, and we are confident that this product will prove to be the best defense against breakdowns due to wear and tear.”

Quadrant’s customers know the importance of durability. Machines that break down cost a company money every minute they sit idle. A broken bearing or washer can quickly erase a profit margin, so Quadrant, the industry leader in polymer design and innovation, has aggressively responded to the urgent needs of those who can’t afford to lose the war on wear.

Designed to improve the performance of compressor piston rings, rider bands, and packing seals, Quadrant Fluorosint® 135’s extremely competitive pricing allows companies to guard against expensive equipment failure and ensure maximum production, longevity, and profitability. Available in a wide range of rod, tube, and sheet sizes, Quadrant Fluorosint 135 is further evidence that Quadrant has again proven itself to be the worldwide leader in plastics innovation, engineering, and design.

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