PSV Systems monitor physical parameters in manufacturing.

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Utilizing Process Signature Verification (PSV) technology, SigPOD® delivers detailed analysis of process health and indicates pass/fail in real-time. Model 1408 is 8-channel signature analysis system designed for process visibility in live production environment, and Model 1508 has dual-core processor and 1 MHz sampling rate for applications needing higher-speed collection and processing. Without programming or coding, SigPOD PSV software lets users perform wizard-based configuration.

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Sciemetric Expands SigPOD® Family of Process Signature Verification Systems for Manufacturing

Industry's lowest cost 8-channel option and new user-configurable version provide flexibility

Ottawa, Canada - June 6, 2008 - Sciemetric Instruments, a leading provider of assembly manufacturing quality systems, today announced the expansion of its SigPOD family and the general availability of the industry's lowest cost 8-channel signature analysis system and new customizable SigPOD PSV software.

Introduced in 2005, SigPOD is a robust, industry-leading platform designed for usability and process visibility in the live production environment. The addition of the 8-channel Model 1408, provides a cost-effective alternative to manufacturers for demanding test and monitoring applications.

"There are many options for 2 and 4 channel testers in the market," said Nathan Sheaff, Founder of Sciemetric. "However, the price difference when jumping to 8 channels is substantial. By building on the SigPOD standard hardware and software, we were able to create an option that makes it much more affordable for manufacturers, while using our process signature verification technology to deliver the best defect detection."

The new SigPOD PSV enables users to configure the SigPOD for their test or monitoring application. Requiring no programming or coding, SigPOD PSV has set-up wizards for quick and easy configuration of dozens of processing and test feature parameters with user-selectable fields. Other features include competitive SPC tools, history function and smart management of test limits.

"Manufacturers want flexibility but most options take a lot of time to learn and get started," said Mr. Sheaff. "SigPOD PSV was designed to keep the learning curve low; it relies on the intuitive SigPOD interface to keep the configuration simple for even complex tests."

Sciemetric offers a full range of SigPOD instrumentation, now from 2 to 8 channels, that are used to verify and control a variety of standard manufacturing operations. SigPOD monitors physical parameters during manufacturing processes such as press assembly, crimping, welding, sound and vibration analysis, adhesive dispensing, injection molding, torque testing and many more. It applies the science of Process Signature Verification (PSV) to provide a detailed analysis of the health of the process and indicate pass/fail in real time on the production line.

For applications demanding higher speed collection and processing, the new Model 1508 has a dual-core processor and 1 MHz sampling rate.

SigPODs are traceability-ready, with a range of communication and data export options, as well as a minimum 1 GB memory storage. SigPOD runs Windows XP Embedded and is a compact 8 x 6.5 x 8 inches.

Prices for SigPOD Model 1408 start at $8,500 while standard 2-channel models start at $3,500.

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