PSI's Autoslip Express Promises to Double Operator Productivity at Warehouse Packaging Stations

Mississauga, ON, July 18, 2006 - The continued expansion of the Internet has created amazing sales opportunities, especially for retailers who offer their products for sale online. As etailing has continued to grow, increased pressure has been placed on warehouse packing station operators who must handle more individual orders than ever before. Consumer demand for fast order delivery has amplified this pressure, since it directly influences overall customer satisfaction. As a direct result of this, companies have had to increase productivity in distribution centers to further minimize the critical time gap between order placement and shipment. With the launch of the Autoslip Express packing slip system by PSI Engineering, distribution centers can now increase productivity at packing stations without causing large disruptions in operations or having to further allocate space for large machinery in already crowded warehouses.

Designed specifically for the packing station, the Autoslip Express is a standalone version of PSI's successful inline Autoslip packing slip system. On demand, the Express prints, folds and inserts up to four shipping documents into an adhesive pouch. The "tamper proof" pouch is applied to the shipping box by the packing station operator.

Automating the creation of packing slips allows packing station operators to be twice as productive compared to the manual creation process. Not only does this improve the order fulfillment cycle time of a distribution center, it also better prepares etailers to capitalize on future opportunities in the growing mail order industry. Optimizing packing station productivity increases the order capacity a distribution center can handle without increasing capital expenditure for more space or labor resources.

Unlike other warehouse automation projects, which typically require a shutdown of an entire portion of the packaging line, an Autoslip Express is seamlessly integrated into an existing warehouse with minimal downtime. Timing the installation of the Autoslip Express with the warehouse's slowest time of year is not necessary, since the system is a part of the packing station, not directly connected to the line. This saves considerable time and implementation resources.

"The etailing business has grown over the last few years, and all signs point to this trend continuing for a number of years," believes Tom Napier, Automation Division Manager at PSI. "In order to handle the demands of tomorrow's online customers, distribution centers must find ways to increase their productivity today."

On target with the Return on Investment (ROI) goal of all PSI custom engineered machinery being less than two years, the Autoslip Express has an ROI of less than one year.

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