Proximity Sensor has response times to 150 ms.

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Superprox SM906A-8 Sensor Series monitors distance to object or level, and generates proportional analog output. It's sensing span is from 8 in. to 26 ft. When an object moves within span, output value changes proportionally. Sensor is available with 0-10 Vdc or 4-20 mA output that is directly or inversely proportional. Sensor's 20-deg beam is useful in controlling levels of various types of liquids, solids, and granules over long spans.

Original Press Release:

30 MM Analog Sensor Spans 8.0 Inches To 26 Feet

DAYTON, Ohio (October 29, 2001) The new 30 mm, SUPERPROX Model SM906A-8 Series represents the only analog sensors on the market to offer the combination of shortest deadband, longest span and smallest package. These sensors monitor the distance to an object or level while generating a proportional analog output relative to two analog span limits over a sensing span from just 203 mm (8.0") to 8 m (26'). When an object moves within the analog span, the output value changes proportionally in relation to the span limits. Given a deadband of just 8.0". the need to mount the sensor at great distances from the object, typical of most long-span, long-deadband analog sensors is eliminated. And, with a housing length of only 118 mm (4.65"), a fraction of other long-range sensors, these 30 mm diameter sensors are easily mounted in tank covers and other tight spaces.

The sensors are factory configurable for specific analog sensing applications. The user may specify either a 0 to 10 VDC or 4 to 20 mA output that is either directly or inversely proportional and an output state for loss of echo and power up. Response times, including a standard 250 ms, a minimum 150 ms and others are available along with functionality selections involving foreground and/or background suppression. By virtue of a 75 KHz frequency, the sensor's wide, 20-degree beam is especially useful in controlling the levels of various types of liquids, solids and granules over long spans. An epoxy transducer face allows the fully encapsulated sensor to perform in a wide range of harsh environments, including those involving most acids. bases and oil. For outdoor, analog-sensing applications, the sensors have temperature compensation for operation in temperatures ranging from -10° to 60°C (14° to 140° F).

For tall, tank-ty, e. level-monitoring and distance-measuring applications, when the pushbutton used to set the span limits is beyond the reach of the operator, an optional setup/display accessory is available. From distances up to approximately 150', the operator can use the Model AC441 Handheld Configurator- to set the sensor's sensing span limits and display the object distance. Operating on 15 to 24 VDC regulated power, these sensors are built to ignore all surrounding sonic interference and detect only the designated object. All sensors in this series are CE certified. * Also available with DeviceNet communications capability.

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