Proteomics System automates analysis and characterization.

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ProteomeLab(TM) PA-800 Protein Characterization System provides automated, high-resolution analysis of proteins. It offers molecular weight determination, peptide mapping, isoelectric focusing, carbohydrate profiling, and mechanisms to study protein/protein interactions in solution. Unit works with ProteomeLab PF 2D 2-dimensional protein fractionation system that resolves proteins in liquid phase. PA-800 includes chemistry, software, training, and support.

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New Proteomics System Automates Analysis and Characterization

Fullerton, California, December, 2002 – Beckman Coulter, Inc. introduces the ProteomeLab™ PA-800 Protein Characterization System for the automated, high-resolution analysis of proteins. Part of the company’s new ProteomeLab family of products, the PA-800 offers a comprehensive range of automated protein characterization solutions including molecular weight determination, peptide mapping, isoelectric focusing, carbohydrate profiling and mechanisms to study protein/protein interactions in solution. Based on Beckman Coulter’s well-established automation and capillary electrophoresis technologies, the PA-800 addresses important issues in the characterization of a given proteome – manipulating and resolving low levels of proteins that range from acidic to basic to membrane-bound. “A good strategy for the comprehensive quantitation and characterization of proteins is a key challenge facing proteomics researchers,” explains Jeff Chapman, Strategic Marketing Manager for Beckman Coulter. “We are uniquely positioned to address bottlenecks in these processes, with our extensive experience in techniques for the analysis of proteins.” The PA-800 includes specialized chemistry, software, training and support. The system works with the ProteomeLab PF 2D, a new two-dimensional protein fractionation system that resolves thousands of proteins in liquid phase. “Protein differences between normal and diseased tissue are resolved and fractionated into a 96-well plate using the ProteomeLab PF 2D system,” explains Chapman. “Wells containing unique fractions are highlighted by the system’s differential display and may be easily transferred to the ProteomeLab PA-800 for extensive characterization.” The PA-800 and PF 2D systems are further linked by Beckman Coulter’s 32 Karat™ software, a central platform providing instrument control and data analysis for both systems. ProteomeLab is a new family of proteomic tools for cellular identification and protein isolation, fractionation, characterization and evaluation. These tools can ultimately be used to identify markers for the development of disease diagnostics and therapeutic targets. Beckman Coulter, Inc. is a global biomedical company, headquartered in Fullerton, California. The company develops and markets instruments, chemistries, software and supplies that simplify and automate laboratory processes throughout the biomedical testing continuum. Through pioneering medical research and drug discovery, specialty testing and patient care diagnostics, Beckman Coulter supports all phases of the battle against disease. Annual sales for the company totaled $2 billion in 2001, with 62% of this amount generated by recurring revenue from supplies, test kits and services. For more information, access the Beckman Coulter World Wide Web Information Service at or call (800) 742-2345 (U.S.). Fax (800) 643-4366 (U.S.). From outside the U.S. call (714) 871-4848, or Fax (714) 773-6611. Please send READER INQUIRIES from this news release directly to Beckman Coulter, c/o K. Delgado, Harte Hanks, 1753 South Pointe Avenue, Ontario, CA 91761. Or e-mail to

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