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Protein-Based Coating reinforces PAN/phenolic-based composites.

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Mar 11, 2014 - To reinforce PAN/phenolic composites, SP1/CNT coats fabric with carbon nanotubes using SP1 protein. Resulting properties include optimized flat-wise tensile strength and inter-laminar shear strength as well as retention of overall composite strength. Use of SP1/CNT complex (0.2%–0.3% by weight of PAN fabric) allows users to implement nano-reinforced phenolic-based composites as well as introduce PAN/phenolic-based composites for such uses as thermal aerospace applications.

Fulcrum SP Materials Ltd. - Rehovot, ISR

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Fulcrum SP Materials Makes Breakthrough in the Reinforcement of PAN/Phenolic-Based Composites

Press release date: Mar 04, 2014

Fulcrum delivers substantial improvements in interfacial properties of PAN/phenolic-composites by coating fabric with carbon nanotubes using its SP1 protein

REHOVOT, Israel -- Fulcrum SP Materials Ltd, a world leader in innovative nano-technology for enhanced composite materials, today introduced its SP1/CNT [ reinforcement solution for PAN/phenolic composites. Fulcrum has demonstrated that flat-wise tensile strength more than doubles, and inter-laminar shear strength increases significantly, while preserving overall composite strength. These improvements were achieved using small amounts of Fulcrum's proprietary SP1/CNT complex (0.2%-0.3% by weight of the PAN fabric).

This breakthrough technology in phenolic resins creates opportunities for customers to implement superior nano-reinforced phenolic-based composites and to introduce PAN/Phenolic-based composites for multiple new uses and applications, such as thermal aerospace applications.

"Our customers can now introduce PAN/phenolic composites to demanding aerospace applications and by using Fulcrum's proprietary SP1/CNT technology, can achieve greater performance of their composite parts at an affordable cost. This segment of our business is growing constantly and we will be expanding our offering of such solutions in the near future", said Nimrod Litvak, Fulcrum's CEO.

Fulcrum will be presenting at the JEC Europe 2014 during 11-13 March, at booth Q77 in Pavilion 7.2.

About Fulcrum SP Materials Ltd:
Established in 2007, Fulcrum SP Materials is a nanotechnology company commercializing the use of nanoparticles in the rapidly growing $106 billion composites market (Source: JEC Composites). The composites market includes raw materials such as carbon/glass fiber and aramid, and is commonly used in industries such as aerospace, construction, transport and marine, wind energy and sports equipment. Fulcrum's proprietary SP1/CNT technology can significantly improve the performance properties of composites; enabling cost-effective manufacture of stronger and lighter parts. From its headquarters and pilot plant in Israel, Fulcrum is working in close cooperation with a number of leading multinational companies to develop a range of innovative new commercial products for various end-markets.
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