Protective Coating offers wear resistance and flexibility.

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With wear resistance of glass and flexibility of plastic, DIAMONEX DIAMONDSHIELD® offers extensibility of 1.5-2% and optical refractive index of 1.5. Transparent coating has hydrophobic properties with water contact angle of 70-110°. It is chemically resistant to solvents and most acids and bases. When applied over weatherable substrates, it survives weatherability tests, such as QUV A/B, for over 3,600 hr.

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Morgan Advanced Ceramics Introduces DIAMONEX DIAMONDSHIELD® Coating

Offers the wear resistance of glass, maintaining the flexibility of plastic

Morgan Advanced Ceramics, a world-leading supplier of innovative ceramic solutions for the medical, telecommunications, semiconductor and aerospace markets, introduces DIAMONEX DIAMONDSHIELD®, the latest addition to its Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) coating line. With an unprecedented combination of wear resistance and optical clarity, DIAMONDSHIELD is the most advanced transparent, protective coating available for plastics, providing the abrasion resistance of a glass surface in a thin film coating.

With its high hardness and flexibility, DIAMONDSHIELD is more than 10 times as abrasion-resistant as conventional UV or thermally-cured polymer coatings applied to plastics. These properties provide high-load durability to traditionally damage-prone plastic materials, including polycarbonate, acrylic and PMMA, typically used in applications such as handheld barcode scanners, PDA and GPS devices, eyewear, aircraft, bus and train windows, information kiosks and outdoor advertising.

DIAMONDSHIELD has a hardness 10 times that of plastic, an extensibility of 1.5-2%, an optical refractive index of 1.5, and hydrophobic properties with a water contact angle of 70°-110°. DIAMONDSHIELD is chemically resistant to solvents and most acids and bases and, when applied over weatherable substrates, it can survive weatherability tests, such as QUV A/B, for over 3,600 hours.

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