Protect Your PC from Harmful Voltage Coming through the USB Cable

The USB Isolator will also increase your system stability.

CALGARY, Alberta- Phidgets Inc. released today the 3060 - USB Isolator which protects your PC from harmful voltage (up to 1kV) that can flow from devices attached to your PC through the USB cable.

" Customers have been asking for USB isolation for quite a while and we decided to make a separate isolator board instead of adding USB isolation to all our USB boards. This way only customers who require isolation have to pay for it." says Chester Fitchett, CEO of Phidgets.

"The USB Isolator is also extremely useful for increasing the stability of systems using external power supplies, thermocouples, pH sensors and the PhidgetAnalog." added Bernard Rousseau, Director of Marketing

Take, for example, a PH Sensor in an electrically "active" tank. Even the presence of insulated electrical motors in the solution will affect the water. If the PH measurement electronics are allowed to float with the voltage of the water by isolating them from the USB host ground, measurements can still be taken. If they are not isolated, the weak short circuit between the water and the USB host will easily override the subtle PH signals being measured.

Product Specifications
USB Input Voltage       	4.5 - 5.35VDC
USB Output Voltage 5VDC
Isolation Voltage 1kV
Maximum USB current available 350mA
Current Consumption 29mA
Voltage Regulator Efficiency 73%

Software Environment

"Unlike a lot of our competitor's products that require their users to write some firmware code in order to use their sensor, we are completely "Plug and Play" says Bernard Rousseau, Director of Marketing. "With Phidgets, you plug it in and start using it and when it comes to programming, the user, not us, decides which operating system and which computer language he wants to use", added Rousseau.

Users can program Phidgets using a simple yet powerful and well documented Application Programming Interfade (API) that is supported under Windows (2000, XP, Vista), Windows CE, Mac OS X, and Linux. Users can write programs in Visual Basic, VB.NET, C#, C/C++, Flash/Flex, Java, Labview, Matlab, ActionScript 3.0, and Cocoa.

Phidgets also provides programming examples for all its products to help programmers write their own programs. The API Libraries as well as the examples and the documentation are available at no charge on

Pricing and Availability

The 3060 USB isolator is available now. The suggested resale price is $58.25 Canadian.

About Phidgets

Phidgets, Inc. is a technology leader in the design and manufacture of low-cost control and sensing modules connected to personal computers through the USB port. Phidgets products are ideally suited for fast prototyping. The privately held company is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Contact Information

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Director of Marketing

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