Protect and Preserve: Specify Your APX Enclosure with a Heat Resistant Coating

Mercersburg, PA, February 12, 2009 -- APX Enclosures Inc., is pleased to announce the availability of a thermal protective coating that can be applied to any of our enclosures.

The heat resistant ceramic coating reflects 95% of the direct solar load on the cabinet, which results in significantly reduced internal operating temperatures inside the enclosure. This protects expensive electrical systems and other valuable equipment from high outside air temperatures and preserves the equipment's lifespan. In addition, it can eliminate the need for air conditioners and heat exchangers, which can save up to 80% on the initial cost of the enclosure as well as reduce ongoing operating costs. A special anti-graffiti clear coat finish is also applied to enhance and protect the primary coating.

"Application of this coating is ideal for the telecommunications customer, or any customer who is faced with having to place non-hardened equipment in harsh environments," states Andy Papoutsis, President. "APX Enclosures provides much more than just a box, we protect and preserve the equipment and enable our customers to achieve ongoing operating cost savings."

Test results show that the heat resistant coating keeps the internal portion of the enclosure cooler vs. a non-coated enclosure. In cold environments, the coating process can be reversed to keep the enclosure warmer by utilizing the heat generated by the internal equipment.

APX Enclosures, Inc. is your complete source for UL Listed Control Panels and Aluminum/Stainless Steel Outdoor Enclosures. All enclosures and panels manufactured by APX are UL Listed to 508A and supplied with the UL/CUL Label. For more information about our products visit our website at .

About APX Enclosures:

At APX Enclosures we strive to provide innovative solutions to our customers. We understand that to remain superior in our field, we must always be adaptable and at the forefront of the latest trends and technologies. That is why we diligently invest in our people, our production methods, and our facilities. We at APX Enclosures, Inc. believe that our success is defined in design, delivery, quality, and the satisfaction of our customers.

Company Information:

Name: APX Enclosures, Inc.

Address: 200 Oregon St.

City: Mercersburg

State: PA

ZIP: 17236

Country: USA

Phone: 717-328-9399

FAX: 717-328-2447

Contact: Lew McKee

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