Promote-A-Wraps, Promote-A-Boards, Promote-A-Tags

Selling is made simple with STOFFEL PROMOTABLES!

How does your company plan to INCREASE SALES? Make your product STAND OUT from the competition and MORE APPEALING to customers? Introducing Stoffel Promotables!

PROMOTABLES create a unique opportunity to promote brand awareness of your company and its products. Reach your target market with an advertising medium that is sure to give your business the winning edge!


Utilize a World of Unused Billboard Space!

Create clever, targeted, and unique marketing strategies with our self-sealing wraps. When presented in an unexpected way such as coupons, a PROMOTE-A-WRAP encourages customers to make purchases!


Let Your Employee Become Walking Billboards!

Have them promote your message with our eye-catching custom promotional badges. Use our colorful, eye-catching PROMOTE-A-BOARDS to launch a new product or service. Our PROMOTE-A-BOARDS start selling even before your employee greets and serves the customer!


Your Silent Salesperson at the Point of Purchase!

Shoppers are influenced by effective promotional tools to buy at the point of purchase. Various forms of PROMOTE-A-TAGS are offered - string tags, hang tags and bottleneck tags. We also offer elastic strings that are ideal for irregular shaped items. PROMOTE-A-TAGS will capture your customers' attention resulting in impulse buying and first time purchases!

Selling is made simple with our Promotables(TM) Point of Purchase Selling Tools! Visit our complete Promotables product line at Other brand identification products we manufacture include napkin bands, name badges & Prestige Package Enhancements.

Stoffel Seals Corporation is also a recognized manufacturer of indicative plastic, metal seals and ISO/PAS 17712, C-TPAT compliant High Security Barrier Seals. Since 1941, our Security Seals are designed specifically to secure Freight & Cargo, Distribution Totes, Pharmaceutical Shipments and Cash-In-Transit.

If you would like to receive additional information or a sample of our products, contact 800 344-4772 or email


James Lowry
Specialty Packaging - Business Unit Manager
Phone: 1 800 422-8247
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Company Information:

Name: Stoffel Seals Corporation
Address: 400 High Avenue
City: Nyack
State: NY
ZIP: 10960
Country: USA
Phone: 800-344-4772 NY Headquarters/800 422-8247 GA Location
FAX: 800 566-5855

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