Progressive Scan Camera features on-board intelligence.

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Incorporating Lynx 32-bit RISC processor, high-speed Model IPX-4M15-L delivers max frame rate of 118 fps with AOI and up to 2 megapixel resolution at 315 fps. On-board intelligence allows addition of horizontal windowing, automated iris, 10 sec integration time, and upgradeable software and firmware. Consuming 5.2 W, camera features 60 dB dynamic range and 6-41 dB gain range. Applications include machine vision, character recognition, and surveillance.

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Four Megapixels, High Video Frame Rate -- and It's Smart Too!

Imperx, Inc. offers more for everyone with the advanced IPX-4M15-L high-speed progressive scan camera, which offers beyond-megapixel resolution, video frame rates and programmability. This new member of Imperx' Lynx line of high-speed cameras delivers a maximum frame rate of 118 fps with AOI and up to two-megapixel resolution at 315 fps, making it the fastest megapixel camera available. This combination of high speed and high resolution makes it ideal for machine vision, monitoring of fast processes, surveillance, intelligent transportation systems, character recognition and other applications requiring high resolution, high speed and flexibility.

Best of all, the IPX-4M15-L incorporates the Lynx 32-bit RISC processor to provide high-resolution images at high frame rates under demanding conditions. On-board intelligence allows the IPX 4M15-L to add features unavailable in competing products, such as horizontal windowing, automated iris to prevent saturation in high-light situations, 10-sec. integration time for extreme low-light situations, and upgradeable camera software and firmware.

In addition to the advantages the IPX-4M15-L gains from having on-board intelligence, the unit provides better environmental tolerance (-5ºC to +50ºC), wider dynamic range (60 dB), wider gain range (6 dB to 41 dB), narrower gain steps (0.053 dB/step), and lower power consumption (5.2 W) than most competitive offerings. Altogether, these features make the IPX-4M15-L the ideal choice for demanding vision applications.

About Lynx
LYNX Series cameras deliver not only the features that customers have come to appreciate and expect from Imperx, but a host of new programmable features that provide even more flexibility for their advanced applications. The LYNX series cameras achieve an extraordinary performance level through their unique image processing engine: a 1 million gate FPGA with 32-bit RISC processor. This processing power gives users superb ability to tailor the cameras' functionality to their applications. For example, users can program the dynamic range by selecting from an 8, 10, or 12-bit output, applying multiple Look-Up-Tables, binning vertically and horizontally, and making dynamic transfer-function corrections. They can also automatically put image data out in different formats to suite different applications.

Additional programmable features include frame rate, shutter, long integration, strobe output, gain and offset, AOI, external trigger, dynamic S/N correction, temperature monitor and alarm. Users can field-upgrade the cameras' software and firmware, automatic iris control (optional) and even built-in test patterns. These highly intelligent cameras incorporate the Camera Link® interface standard, giving users easy access for programming and serial communication.

About Imperx
Imperx, Inc. designs, develops and manufactures advanced, state-of-the-art imaging products used in the machine vision, medical, defense, surveillance and astronomy markets - wherever there is a need to capture high-resolution digital color or black/white images for both still and full-rate motion processing. Imperx' manufacturing facilities are certified for ISO 9002 compliance.

Imperx' product portfolio is focused in four core areas: cameras, frame grabbers, adapters and repeaters. The LYNX mega-pixel camera line features rich, high resolution, high speed, color and monochrome image-capture devices, and offers unprecedented performance for today's demanding machine vision and surveillance applications. The VCE series of analog frame grabbers have achieved number-one market share. FrameLink(TM) digital frame grabbers for Camera Link® cameras are the only products of their kind on the market! The Adapt-A-Link(TM) series of adapters allows customers to leverage their investment in existing cameras or frame grabbers with dissimilar interfaces by performing the necessary adaptation. The Imperx series of Adapt-A-Link(TM) repeaters overcomes distance limits imposed by the Camera Link® and LVDS standards, providing virtually unlimited physical reach for distributed image-sensing systems.

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FrameLink(TM) and Adapt-A-Link(TM) are registered trademarks of Imperx, Inc., Boca Raton, Fla.

Camera Link® is a registered trademark of the Automated Imaging Association, Ann Arbor, Mich.

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