Programmable Furnace heats to 1,200°C in under 24 sec.

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Suited for high-temperature materials testing and analysis, tabletop MILA-3000 heats samples using IR gold image furnace with programmable digital temperature controller; clean, atmosphere-controlled, quartz glass vacuum chamber; and gas controller. Mini-Lamp Annealing system can be used for various heating and cooling experiments, with its controlled heating rates of 50°C/sec, temperature uniformity of ±2°C, and 1 kW power consumption for 20 mm³ samples.

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Ulvac Introduces the MILA-3000 Programmable Tabletop Furnace that Heats to 1200°C in Under 24 Seconds

Methuen, Massachusetts - Ulvac Technologies, Inc., a leading supplier of vacuum components, process equipment and instrumentation introduces the MILA-3000, a programmable tabletop furnace for high temperature materials testing and analysis. Ulvac's Mini-Lamp Annealing system can heat samples to 1200°C in less than 24 seconds using an infrared gold image furnace with a high accuracy programmable digital temperature controller, a quartz glass chamber and a gas controller. Priced under $10,000, the MILA-3000 anneals samples faster with precise high temperature control, clean heating and versatile atmosphere selection making it ideal for basic research work in the materials science and semiconductor fields.

Ulvac's MILA-3000 vacuum furnace heats the sample by focusing reflected infrared rays onto the sample, which is mounted in a clean, atmosphere-controlled quartz vacuum chamber. The infrared lamps permit very rapid heating and cooling experiments to be performed such as annealing, gas quenching, thermal cycling, sintering and melting point determinations. The MILA-3000 features high controlled heating rates of 50°C/sec. with temperature uniformity of +/- 2°C. Other features include heating in a variety of atmospheres including air, vacuum and inert/reactive gas and a low (1 kW) power consumption for 20 x 20 x 20 mm sized samples.

Ulvac is a leading supplier of production systems, instrumentation, vacuum pumps and components for the semiconductor, flat panel display, automotive, and refrigeration/air conditioning and analytical instrumentation industries.. With sales of over $1.5 billion dollars, Ulvac Inc. employs over 3,500 people worldwide. Ulvac-Riko, Inc. a member of the Ulvac Group of companies develops and manufactures a broad range of thermal analyzers and thermophysical properties measurement systems for materials characterization. Ulvac Technologies of Methuen, Massachusetts is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ulvac Inc. of Chigasaki, Japan.

For further information, contact: Evan Sohm, at ULVAC Technologies, Inc., 401 Griffin Brook Drive, Methuen, MA 01844, tel: 978-686-7550, fax: 978-689-6300, email:, web:

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