Programmable Encoders Reduce Cost and Effort

Incremental encoders EIL580P added as programmable product variants to the Baumer modular OptoPulse encoder series

Southington, Conn. – Cutting down on inventory and speeding up delivery time – programmable encoders provide numerous benefits. OptoPulse EIL580P series encoders provide any pulse number from 1 to 65,536 and hence contribute towards cost-efficiency through their flexibility. Convenient reference pulse setting by master control greatly eases set up. Reference pulse width can be selected between 90° and 180° and allows for a configurable pulse sequence independent of the rotation of direction. A wide-range power supply from 4.75 to 30 VDC enables optional HTL or TTL signal level configuration.

Versatile parameterization capabilities make the encoders into perfect instruments for quick and cost-efficient repair and retrofit. Lower inventory keeps cost and effort down to a minimum, and when it comes to on-site servicing the encoder can be configured on the spot using a special handheld tool while remaining fully installed. Four user-defined buttons at the handheld tool enable quick and easy programming of current configurations and also optional intuitive, menu-driven editing of individual profiles.

Other options are convenient programming by PC software or using software libraries which are efficiently implemented in the ERP system. The programmable encoder variants add more decisive benefits on the modular OptoPulse encoder platform. Available in any current flange design with solid shaft, blind or through-hollow shaft as well as with varied connection options, the EIL580P will always be a perfect match for every application. The safe ShaftLock bearing design protects against damage due to high axial shaft load. Shaft and clamping flange are milled out of solid material which ensures ultra-safe mechanical attachment even under adverse conditions. Optical sensing technology offers very high accuracy and signal quality throughout the entire temperature range.

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