Programmable Device Server automates reporting/monitoring.

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Powered by EventTrak(TM) technology, IntelliBox®-I/O 2100 enables users to connect industrial, commercial, medical, retail, and security equipment to IP networks and Internet to automatically monitor and respond to events in real-time without human intervention. External device server comes with pre-determined set of responses including rebooting, reconfiguring attached equipment, turning machine switch on/off, triggering relay/alarm, and/or providing automated reports.

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Lantronix Announces the First Programmable Device Server to Automate Reporting and Monitoring

Lantronix delivers new class of M2M device servers with the introduction of IntelliBox-I/O 2100 and Lantronix EventTrak technology

IRVINE, Calif., Feb. 28, 2007- Lantronix, Inc. (Nasdaq: LTRX) today announced the IntelliBox®-I/O 2100, the industry's first-fully programmable external device server which automates the task of managing remote equipment and associated reporting. Powered by Lantronix EventTrak(TM) technology, the IntelliBox enables customers to connect their industrial, commercial, medical, retail and security equipment to IP networks and the Internet to automatically monitor and respond to events in real-time with no human intervention.

The IntelliBox allows end users to easily configure the device server to monitor the attached equipment continuously or at specified timed intervals. Triggered by an event, the IntelliBox automatically responds with pre-determined, user-defined set of responses. These responses can include rebooting, reconfiguring attached equipment, turning a machine switch on or off, triggering a relay or alarm, and/or providing automated reports, etc. Instead of a user having to manually monitor and respond to a given problem, IntelliBox simplifies the process for the user by detecting a problem and resolving it. IntelliBox can even send an email to the user notifying them of the situation and corrective actions taken along with the logged details.

"Fully automated remote device management and control has always been the ultimate
goal of M2M," said Glen Allmendinger, president of Harbor Research."With the advent of the IntelliBox, Lantronix is first to deliver on this promise and is poised to seize a whole new segment of compelling application opportunities. Their latest innovation marks the next generation of device networking solutions and truly raises the competitive bar by which all others will be judged."

Since the incoming data can be sent via email or RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed, hundreds of devices can be simultaneously monitored from one single RSS-enabled web page or from a user's email client. With Lantronix EventTrak's advanced device monitoring, response and control functionality, incoming data can be scanned for specific information. The IntelliBox can automatically recognize the type of event and apply the appropriate response, such as flagging an alerting email as"important" and/or directly interacting with the attached machine or other applications. This greater agility in responding to machine events eliminates the need for users to sift through hundreds of emails and/or manually interact with the attached device.

"With the launch of the IntelliBox-I/O 2100, Lantronix is delivering a new class of M2M device servers, called programmable device servers, that represent the next stage in the evolution of machine connectivity and a true breakthrough in device networking technology," said Marc Nussbaum, CEO of Lantronix."With IntelliBox, Lantronix can now uniquely address an entirely new class of device applications, previously unattainable with existing technologies. The power of Lantronix EventTrak technology enables our customers to have complete automated control of their mission critical equipment, providing a tremendous increase in responsiveness and flexibility. Issues can now be solved before they escalate into emergencies."

For added flexibility, customers have complete control in defining what is considered an event on the attached device. In some cases, a customer may require multiple events to be detected before an action is taken. They may also require that multiple actions are triggered in response to an event or a series of events. The IntelliBox includes an embedded rules/policy engine which allows customers to easily identify a specific chain of events and corresponding actions to be taken by defining a"Chain Definition." These Chain Definitions require no complex user scripting and are easily defined by set of intuitive user input fields and pull-down menus. Chain Definitions can be saved, stored and/or transferred from one IntelliBox to another, streamlining the deployment of large installations.

The IntelliBox-I/O 2100 is powered by Lantronix award-winning Evolution OS(TM) network operating system which delivers enterprise-grade networking security with built-in AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), and SSH/SSL (Secure Shell/Secure Sockets Layer) support. Its hardened OS and mature protocol stack are resilient to intrusion such as denial of service (DoS) and port mapping attacks, and can prevent it from being used to bring down other networked devices. This makes the IntelliBox ideal for use with sensors, alarms, water pumps, valves, fans, motors, drives, machine starters, lights and building security devices usually found in mission critical or environmentally sensitive industrial, IT and medical equipment applications. Evolution OS simplifies configuration and enterprise network integration because it uses familiar data-center standards such as a Cisco-like command line interface (CLI) and also supports Extensible Markup Language (XML), a standard tool for web services, data transfer and rich content management. In addition, it provides standard web browser and email support.

For industrial applications, IntelliBox is equipped with isolated serial, I/O and Ethernet ports and screw terminal connectors for serial, I/O, relay and power. It supports Modbus TCP, Modbus ASCII and Modbus RTU, allowing the IntelliBox and its attached equipment to work with programmable logic controllers (PLCs), open process control (OPC) servers and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Software. It is FM-approved for hazardous locations Class 1, Div. 2. The IntelliBox also features 15KV serial port ESD protection for shielding from over-current conditions and ESD-protected I/O channels that are independent and optically isolated. Ideal for harsh environments, the IntelliBox is ruggedized for operating within industrial environments ranging in temperature from -40° to +75°C and is shock and vibration tested.

IntelliBox-I/O 2100 will be available worldwide at MSRP $395 through Lantronix channel and other sales partners during the first calendar quarter of this year. For more information, please visit:

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