Profile Migrator 2.0 Masters the Migration of User Settings and Data on Clients and Servers

COLOGNE, Germany -- sepago, inventors of the Citrix User Profile Manager, make version 2.0 of their Profile Migrator software available as freeware for unlimited evaluation under The new version extends the performance spectrum of the universal enterprise solution for the migration of profiles by the GUI controlled migration on clients: After provisioning the project definition, user settings and data are collected "unattended" from source systems and are written to newly created profiles and directories on the target system.

This results in simultaneous a profile cleanup along with the migration. After the migration, users can immediately continue to work with their familiar settings on the new system. This ensures business continuity and avoids additional effort for the user helpdesk. Profile Migrator significantly reduces the cost of a migration.

Windows 7 and Office 2010 out of the box

With the release of version 2.0, sepago also makes new ACS files available free of charge. They permit the immediate and uncomplicated migration of user settings for various standard applications. In a single step, Profile Migrator masters not only a migration of the operating system, e.g., from Windows XP to Windows 7, but also updates of software versions, such as upgrades from Office XP, 2003 or 2007 to Office 2010.

The ACS technology developed by sepago for profile migration makes it possible to migrate arbitrary application settings with Profile Migrator. The required ACS files can be created with the "ACS Builder" monitoring tool if the need arises and can be post-processed with the "ACS Editor".

Developed for enterprise use

The ACS technology enables Profile Migrator to be deployed flexibly, so that even homegrown programs and windows-based special software can be migrated. The adaptability for use in enterprise environments is underlined by further features. For example, scripts can be executed before and after the migration and Profile Migrator 2.0 can be integrated into desktop management suites such as SCCM.

Like the first version, the new version of the sepago software also supports all current migration scenarios. This also includes the changeover of servers with a Windows Server 2003 operating system to the latest version 2008 R2. In this context, Profile Migrator manages the folder redirection that goes along with the introduction of 64 bit as well as a change in language versions.

Profile Migration as bridge to the Cloud

With Profile Migrator, cloud service providers import selected user settings and data of their customers from physical desktops to their own virtual desktops. Even user profiles on clients running, e.g., on Windows XP, can be switched to Windows Server 2008 R2 and 64 bit technology in a single step. Profile Migrator is Citrix Ready and part of the Citrix Desktop Transformation Model.


Carsten Brueggerhoff
Managing Director sepago GmbH
Telephone: +49-221-8019395-0

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