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Should you consider using master collets and feed fingers instead of solid? Are you having trouble with slippage or marks on your workpiece? Can you really afford to purchase that ID pickoff attachment for your machine? You do have options. Hardinge has over a century of experience in designing and providing workholding solutions. We can help reduce setup and changeover times and help you grip extruded shapes and odd materials to save you money in the long run.

Style-S Master Collets and Pads

Overall, master collets and pads are less expensive to purchase than solid collets, are faster to change (pads only) and will take up less storage space. Hardinge Style-S master collets use interchangeable pads. Hardinge's patented S-pads can be changed without removing the master collet from the spindle, thus reducing changeover time. Style-S master collets and pads were designed by Hardinge to remove the problems that the industry faced with pre-existing master collet designs. When loading bars, the rugged shoulder of the pad locates against the front of the groove in the master collet. There are no set screws or clamps to be damaged or loosened. When a part is machined, the working forces are against the rear shoulder of the pad that is located against the rear shoulder of the groove in the master collet. The clamp that holds the pads in the collet literally floats longitudinally, assuring that there is never any pressure on the clamp. There are no holes in the OD of the master, or on the ID of the pads, resulting in maximum bearing on the workpiece and the spindle collet seat. Hardened pads are available in round, hex and square with smooth or serrated order holes and can be custom-made for extruded stock. Style-S master collets and pads are extremely popular when other quick-change systems cannot be used due to budget restrictions or tool clearance issues.

Style-B Master Feed Fingers and Pads

Hardinge Style-B feed fingers and pads are the most practical feed fingers for high production bar machining. They are extremely dependable since there are no screws or pins to hold the pads in place. Pads cannot come loose and they offer full bearing on the bar stock. They are available in round, hex, square and custom shapes in a variety of materials and sizes to match your application. Hardinge Style-B master feed fingers are made from proprietary material and are spring tempered to hold tension better than any other style on the market. Custom master feed fingers can be made for extremely light grip or heavier grip for nonstandard applications. Pads are available in different materials depending on the bar stock used. Hardened steel pads are used for hot-rolled and cold-drawn stock and are noted for long wear and minimized scoring of the steel. Nickel cast iron pads are for use on brass, aluminum, polished or plated bars, and special-finish drawn bars to eliminate scoring of stock. Bronze pads are for ground drill rod, ground bars, and the materials previously listed for the nickel cast iron pads (excluding brass) to eliminate scoring of stock.

HQC® Quick-Change Collet Systems

Hardinge HQC® Quick-Change Collets are available for older multi-spindle machines including Acme Gridley, Cone, New Britain and Wickman to increase productivity. Like master collets, the collet heads are interchangeable and change out in less than 20 seconds. The collet remains parallel to the stock even when there are variations in the stock size making them ideal for bar work. True parallel clamping minimizes stock "push back" and requires less draw bar force to achieve the same gripping capability as conventional collets. Less draw bar force greatly reduces the breakage of the machine's closing fingers and pins that is common when the bar varies beyond the range of a standard solid collet. Higher feed rates and spindle speeds are possible. Because of the extra gripping force, tool life increases and parts come off the machine quicker.

Pickoff (Burring) Collets - OD and ID

Hardinge also stocks pickoff (burring) collets to fit all brands of machines. Custom options include overgrip and ejector styles, collets for extruded shapes and special materials, and collets for stamping. Patented, ID pick-off collet assemblies are engineered by Hardinge for Euroturn, Gildemeister and Tornos Deco machines to fit in their standard OD pickoff attachments. This custom pick-off collet eliminates the purchase and installation of a costly ID pickoff attachment from the machine builder. Wes Skinner, President of Manth Brownell was able to save over $40,000 in equipment expense, while greatly reducing setup time and improving part length control by purchasing this ID pick-off collet assembly from Hardinge. The assembly includes a built-in spring ejector to automatically eject the workpiece into a basket for unattended operation.

European-style Multi-spindle Automatics

Hardinge manufactures spindle tooling for Euroturn, Gildemeister, Index, Schütte and other brands of European-style multi-spindle automatic machines. Hardinge stocks solid collets, master collets & pads, solid feed fingers and master feed fingers & pads. Standard fractional and whole metric sizes for most machines will ship within 24-hours while decimal sizes and products for other brands of machines will be available within a 5 to 7 day delivery. A semi-finished blank program for pickoff (burring) collets and special-shape collets provides fast turnaround. Hardinge FlexC(TM) vulcanized collet systems for automatics will be available in the near future.

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