Production Turn-Mill Center handles medium-complexity parts.

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Along with choice of Fanuc 31i CNC or Siemens 840D CNC, C200 series offers 2 size options for main spindle and counterspindle with 65 and 90 mm bar capacity that respectively operate at 5,000 or 3,500 rpm. Up to 3 driven tools from 42 quick-change tool complement can work simultaneously, and INDEX-specific VDI interface ensures repetitive accuracies of ±8 microns up to 100 mm from mounting surface. System also employs three 14-position tool turrets, which feature 30 mpm traverse.

Original Press Release:

INDEX Introduces New Multitask Production Turning Center

INDEX Corporation announced the introduction of its new C200 series of production turn-mill centers with a choice of the Fanuc 31i CNC option or Siemens 840D CNC. The INDEX C200 is available in two spindle sizes for 65 mm and 90 mm bar capacity for the main and counterspindles, adding to the successful INDEX SpeedLine series. Three driven tools from the machine's 42-tool complement can be on the work simultaneously.

A complementary machine, the C100, is designed for bar work between 30-42mm and features higher speed spindle (9000 and 8000 rpm) and counterspindles (7000 rpm).

The integration of the advanced high-speed Fanuc control with the INDEX C100 and C200 turn mills makes the high capability of these machines even more accessible to users. Because Fanuc is a familiar control to most North American shops, the machines are expected to find wider application in this market, according to INDEX.

With three 14-position tool turrets, 160mm chuck size, and identical powerful main and counter spindles, the space-saving INDEX C200s are designed for fast, cost-competitive production of medium complexity parts turned from 65-90 mm diameter bar stock in the automotive, fittings, fluid power, and medical industries.

Ideal for small to medium lot sizes, the machines deliver high performance utilizing a small amount of floor space, and are targeted to handle fixed headstock work often run on Swiss-type machines. Users can expect extremely high machine utilization rates, which allow the machines to be very cost-effective.

Each position on the 14-station turret is equipped for driven tools. The C200 includes a tooling capacity of 42 quick-change tools, fixed and driven, higher horsepower, and greater torque but with the RPM typical of Swiss-style machines. Large tooling capacity means short setup times and very fast cycle times even for small batches. Turrets feature 30mpm rapid traverse for quick positioning.

Tools are more easily accessible than on a Swiss machine and can be changed quickly. They lock with only one screw and feature an INDEX W serration, and INDEX-specific improved VDI interface which ensures repetitive accuracies of +/- 8 microns up to 100 mm from the mounting surface.

The C200 with 65 mm bar capacity comes with 5000-RPM spindles and the 90 mm bar capacity is available with 3500-RPM spindles. Both versions can run parts to 200 mm in length. The C200 drives are powerful: 25/33 kW and 23/31 kW (100% / 40%) for the 65mm and 90 mm version respectively. Motorized main and counter spindles are identical and liquid-cooled.

High Productivity
Up to three tools can be at work simultaneously with both Y axes and backworking at the same time. And the counterspindle with a driven Z-axis can be synchronized with travel of turret 3. Counter spindle pick-up from the main spindle is accomplished in just 1.5 seconds.

Simultaneous machining with two Y axes, one at the main spindle and one shared between the main spindle and the counter spindle-each with 70 mm travel-gives users the option to divide machining operations for optimum machining efficiency and flexibility. This freedom also is a key to reduced cycle times. For example, users can machine simultaneously with up to 3 tools simultaneously, driven or fixed, for complete machining in a single set-up, including heavy milling, and backworking.

The turret slides move in the X- and Z- directions on the innovative INDEX SingleSlide plate type slide system. This proven system, unique to INDEX, permits rapids up to 60 m/min and accelerations up to 1 g with maximum rigidity. The plate-type guide way of the turret slides also means turrets glide directly on the machine bed, assuring high stiffness and dampening, resulting in longer tool life and better surface finish.

The open work area and vertical-bed machine design permits clear chip fall.

The Fanuc CNC is easy to work with; plain text is used in display and operation and the screen shows all spindles and axes at one view. Superior programming with more than 70 user routines offers practical support down to the finest detail. Index programming contributes to optimum machine utilization and maximum productivity.

The control includes:
  • Machine control panel with TFT color display (10.4")
  • Electric handwheel in series
  • Display of actual axis position values and target/actual value differences, current feed rate, spindle speed, G functions, main program and subprogram numbers
  • Total quantity counter, number preset for batch size
  • Multi-channel editor and program display

    For more information:
    INDEX Corporation, 14700 North Pointe Boulevard, Noblesville, IN 46060. Phone: 317 770 6300

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