ProDEK Closed Loop Printing System Lands Global Technology Award

During a special ceremony that took place last night on the Productronica show floor, global printing leader DEK was honored with a prestigious Global Technology Award for its latest innovation, ProDEK. Winning among competitors in the Printing Equipment category, ProDEK was selected by contest judges as the category's best representation of innovation in the electronics assembly industry.

ProDEK is a dynamic, closed loop technology that enables real-time continuous alignment adjustments and cleaning frequency adaptation to dramatically enhance throughput, improve yields and limit operator intervention.  Interfacing with Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) equipment, ProDEK receives paste offset (alignment) data to monitor a specified quantity of printed circuit boards (PCBs), which the sophisticated ProDEK software then analyzes to subsequently adjust paste-on-pad alignment in real-time. In addition to automatic continuous alignment modifications, ProDEK is unique among closed loop systems in that it also monitors high area warning counts, which may be indicative of excessive or insufficient understencil cleaning.   Based on its analysis, ProDEK can adjust cleaning frequency to align with process conditions so as to introduce greater stability while simultaneously optimizing consumables use. 

DEK Global Marketing Director, Karen Moore-Watts, attended the award ceremony and commented on the contest win.  "With the numerous ProDEK demonstrations happening on the show floor, this award is very apropos," said Moore-Watts, referring to the four partner displays and dedicated DEK exhibit where ProDEK is being showcased during Productronica.  "Whilst we are confident in ProDEK's ability to improve our customers' print process, we had no indication that we would be honoured with this year's Global Technology Award.  It is indeed gratifying that ProDEK has been recognized for its truly innovative capabilities and is further validation of the substantive contributions it has and will continue to deliver to global electronics manufacturers."

While ProDEK is the award-winning product this year, it is the DEK team's ingenuity that is the basis for such advanced technology.   The company has used this week's Productronica event as an opportunity to highlight the expertise behind its market-leading printing technologies at its Print Lab Solutions Centre, located within the DEK display in Hall A2, Booth 405.  An open forum for discussion of printing challenges and future market opportunities, the Print Lab Solutions Centre is manned by top DEK technologists and offers visitors the chance to leverage the broad DEK knowledge base.  This, in addition to hearing more about DEK's 2020 Vision for the future of printing technology, has given Productronica visitors unique perspective as they prepare for the next generation of electronics manufacturing.

"Continuous innovation is at the foundation of DEK and central to our team's mindset," said Moore-Watts in conclusion.  "ProDEK is a manifestation of this philosophy and we are grateful that award sponsor Global SMT Packaging magazine and its judging panel have recognized its significance for the progression of next-generation electronics assembly."

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