Processor Blades are PICMG 2.16 compliant.

Press Release Summary:

Single-slot Model cPB-4325 offers choice of one or two 933 MHz Intel Pentium III processors with 512 KB L2 caches. Model cPB-4321 comes with 1 GHz Intel Pentium III processor, with 256KB L2 cache and 440GX chipset with 100 MHz front side bus. Model cSB-4240 hot-swappable Managed Layer 2/3 switch provides 2 Gigabit and 24 Fast Ethernet ports in 6U x 4HP CompactPCI form factor blade. Model cPS-4081, 4U general-purpose CompactPCI PSB System Platform offers 8-slot transversely mounted backplane.

Original Press Release:

DTI Introduces PICMG 2.16-Compliant CompactPCI Packet Switched Backplane Product Family

New PlexSys product family includes processor blades, chassis and Ethernet switch

RIDGELAND, MS - October 3, 2002 - Diversified Technology, Inc. announced today a line of PICMG 2.16 compliant products targeted at OEMs developing high performance products for carrier-grade Telecom and Internet IP-based markets such as VPN switchers, media gateways, 2.5G/3G wireless, server clusters, IP DSLAM and voice/video/data servers. The initial PlexSys product family includes the cPB-4325, cP-4321 and cPB-4310 processor blades, the cSB-4240 Ethernet switch, and the cPS-4081, 4U general purpose chassis.

"The communications segment of the CompactPCI enabled market is rapidly moving to the PICMG 2.16 CompactPCI Ethernet Packet Switched Backplane architecture for its high performance and high availability capabilities" said Dennis Aldridge, SVP of Marketing for DTI. "Even with headlines blaring out declining CAPEX numbers, technology investments are still being made, if not just for survival, for early positioning for the next wave."

About the cPB-4325
The cPB-4325 single-slot processor blade is fully compliant with the PICMG Core, Hot Swap, Systems Management and PSB open standards, and features one or two low power, 933MHz Intel Pentium III processors with 512KB L2 caches. The ServerWorks LE-T chipset, with 133MHz FSB, supports up to 1GB ECC SDRAM and either five slots @ 64-bit/66MHz or seven slots @ 64-bit/33MHz. Onboard are two 10/100/1000Mbits/sec Ethernet auto-negotiating controllers, one Fast Ethernet controller, optional Ultra DMA/33 IDE hard drive or CompactFlash disk, PS/2 keyboard/mouse interface, Universal Serial Bus (USB) and serial ports, floppy interface and a SVGA CRT controller. An optional mezzanine card provides dual 64-bit/66MHz PMC sites, dual Fibre Channel interfaces and bus-segment bridging at 33 or 66MHz for up to seven additional slots.

Functioning as a System Master processor blade in a CompactPCI multiprocessing system, the cPB-4325 supports hosting of hot swap peripherals. Optionally, it may operate in a peripheral slot, where it receives power but does not communicate on the CompactPCI bus. The IPMI 1.5-compliant Baseboard Management Controller (BMC), when used with the eCM-3401 chassis management module supports a comprehensive, protected lights-out management scheme. Also included is a programmable two-stage watchdog timer for enhanced system reliability and a 2-year limited warranty.

About the cPB-4321
The cPB-4321 comes with a low power, 1GHz Intel Pentium III processor with 256KB L2 cache, 440GX chipset with 100MHz front side bus, and either 512MB or 1GB ECC SDRAM. Onboard are two 10/100Mbits/sec Ethernet auto-negotiating controllers, Ultra DMA/33 IDE hard drive, 32-bit/33MHz PMC site, PS/2 keyboard and mouse interfaces, Universal Serial Bus (USB) and serial ports, floppy interface and a SVGA CRT controller. An optional CD-ROM drive mezzanine card facilitates software installation; an optional IDE-compatible CompactFlash carrier card is available.

Like the cPB-4325, it too operates as a System Master or Peripheral processor blade and incorporates an IPMI 1.0-compliant Baseboard Management Controller (BMC), a programmable two-stage watchdog timer for enhanced system reliability and a 2-year limited warranty.

About the cSB-4240
The cSB-4240 high-performance, hot-swappable Managed Layer 2/3 switch provides two Gigabit and twenty-four Fast Ethernet ports for fast connection speeds and flexibility in a 6U x 4HP CompactPCI(TM) form factor blade. The PICMG 2.16-compliant, in-chassis switch minimizes external wiring, thus improving density and reliability. The cSB-4240 features an easy-to-use browser/Web-based management console with access enabled through an RS-232 serial cable to configure SNMP, Telnet, CLI and RMON management functionalities. It routes and switched at full wire speed using a non-blocking architecture, and has sophisticated multicast protocols to limit unnecessary traffic.

About the cPS-4081
Diversified Technology's cPS-4081 4U general purpose CompactPCI PSB System Platform is a rugged, designed-for-NEBS enclosure features an 8-slot transversely mounted backplane with one dedicated 10/100/1000 Ethernet switched fabric slot, two system master and five node slots. Accepting 6U cards at the front and rear, the backplane provides two CompactPCI bus segments as well as support for the H.110 computer telephony bus for high density computing. All slots are served by redundant fabric connections, allowing for full system fail-over in the event of fabric failure. Backplane interconnect speeds are user-definable and scaleable from 10Mbps to 2000Mbps per node slot allowing users to cost effectively grow as the need arises.

The hot-swappable blower tray, with two blowers, provides efficient side-to-rear cooling, and coupled with three N+1 redundant, load-sharing 250W AC 47-pin connector power supplies, creates a highly available, high density computing environment. The 3U IPMI 1.0-compliant cCM-3401 chassis management module manages processor blade traffic, and monitors system status including presence, power-on, temperature, voltages, fan speeds, and health of components. It communicates with the system using an IPMB bus in a star topology to achieve secure, comprehensive, lights-out management. An exclusive, out-of-band 10/100 Ethernet management port avoids impacting traffic on the primary network. The cPS-4081 supports a PICMG 2.16-compliant switched fabric blade such as the DTI cSB-4240 Ethernet layer 2/3 Switch.

Pricing and Availability
All PlexSys products are covered by a two year warranty. OEM pricing for the cPB-4325 processor blade, excluding memory, starts at $2495 with one low power 933MHz Pentium III, the cSP-4240 Ethernet switch is priced at $1995, and the cPS-4081 system platform at $4495. Shipments begin in November.

About Diversified Technology, Inc.
Diversified Technology, Inc., an Ergon Company, was founded in 1971 and is a leading designer and manufacturer of standard and custom single board computers, platforms and systems for the embedded market. A charter member of Intel's Applied Computing Platform Provider program, DTI is an ISO 9001 certified company. DTI is considered a leader in the development and manufacture of IBM compatible computer boards, systems, and products for next generation Internet/Intranet, communications, industrial automation, medical, military/aerospace, and transaction terminal applications.

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