Processor and NAS Server optimize data storage security.

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Applicable to various USB portable storage devices, X-Wall FX cryptographic processor performs real-time, full disk encryption over connected SATA HDDs. It also offers certified, real-time hardware AES security up to 256-bit encryption strength in ECB/CBC modes. Leveraging X-Wall MX, SecureNAS T1 NAS server provides data-at-rest security, secure authentication, and access control. Encryption/decryption is accomplished with wire speed, eliminating computer system performance delays.

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Enova Technologies Expands Range of Hardware-based Computer Security Solutions

Booth #545 at RSA 2009, Moscone Center, San Francisco, Calif. April 20-24, 2009

RSA CONFERENCE - SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. - 21 APRIL 2009 - Enova Technologies today announced the latest addition to its range of hardware based computer storage security solutions at RSA 2009. The pre-boot password authentication works in conjunction with the X-Wall MX to offer a complete security solution for a laptop or a desktop computer. The SATA disk drive inside the computer is real-time encrypted. There isn't any clear text left unprotected. The encryption/decryption process is done using specially developed chips that deliver wire speed performance so there are no delays in the performance of the computer system.

"The problem with encrypting and decrypting bulk data in the past is that it slowed down the performance of the computer system usually run in software that consumes processing power; and there isn't any simple yet complete hardware security solution for a laptop. ," explained Robert Wann, chief executive officer for Enova. "We have solved this by creating dedicated encryption processors, the X-Wall family and all the required authentication software, which can be seamlessly incorporated into notebooks, netbooks, laptops, servers, desktops, and mobile drive to provide fit and forget security to protect data and access that is certified to US and Canadian government standards. This ensures that only authorized users are able to access protected information guaranteeing maximum security and peace-of-mind for users in the event of system loss or theft. This also provides an easy to maintain, cost effective way to ensure that companies meet the increasingly stringent requirements of regulatory compliance to protect sensitive data."

Also on show for the first time at RSA will be the X-Wall FX and the SecureNAS T1. The X-Wall FX cryptographic processor performs real-time, full disk encryption over the connected SATA disk drives and offers NIST and CSE certified real-time hardware AES security up to 256-bit encryption strength in both ECB (Electronic Code Book) and CBC (Cipher Block Chaining) mode of operation. X-Wall FX is applicable to various USB portable storage devices including SSD (Solid State Disk).

The SecureNAS T1 is a NAS (Networked Attached Storage) server that provides proven data-at-rest security, advanced security architecture, secure authentication and access control. It combines the protection of the new X-Wall MX processor for real-time encryption without affecting the overall data throughput with the backplane of a high performance hardware RAID 5 or RAID 6 storage sub-system. The KEYS and CERTIFICATES are delivered securely via an authenticated remote Key Server so that even if individual drives are removed the sensitive data cannot be accessed.

Enova Technologies X-Wall Secure Product family

Enova's patented X-Wall ASIC family has been engineered to encrypt/decrypt the entire hard disk bit-by-bit including the Boot Sector, Operating System, Temp and Swap files. Encryption/decryption operations occur in real-time to ensure zero performance degradation and total transparency to the end user. Enova's encryption technology ensures multi-level privacy, confidentiality, authentication and authorization using industry standard proven algorithms such as the American NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) certified DES (Data Encryption Standard), TDES (Triple DES), and the Canadian AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)...

Enova's X-Wall technology is completely independent of, and compatible with, all Operating Systems and functions with all ATA and SATA compliant disk drives. Backwards-compatibility with older drive protocols ensures all users are able to benefit from Enova's solution. The performance optimized DES/TDES/AES hardware core engine performs all encryption and decryption operations while offering unprecedented throughput of 1.6 Gbit/sec or higher. As no software components or specialized device drivers are involved, processor cycle interrupts and memory overhead are completely eliminated.

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Enova technology is an industry leader in researching and developing innovative and high performance hardware encryption solutions of data-at-rest. Enova's goal is to become the long-term security partner and encryption technology supplier of choice, satisfying the needs of Corporations, Government Agencies, Consumers and security-conscious users worldwide. Enova serves those who demand absolute privacy and confidentiality of stored data and wish to secure vulnerable highly valuable credentials. Enova will continue to specialize in the research and development of advanced real-time cryptographic technology for various data storage and archiving applications. For further information, please visit:

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