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XINC eliminates need for multiple machines to handle cleaning, filtration, and moisture elimination processes. After machining process, components are passed through XINC machine, where high velocity blower and air knife strip machining chips and coolant from parts at speeds up to 500 mph. Process air is removed, with coolant sent to filtration unit, while chips are sent for processing to chipper/shredder contained within unit, capable of processing solid metal chips up to 2 in. dia.

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Durr EcoClean Group Develops Self-Contained, Multi-Function "XINC" Chip & Coolant Processing Machine

"XINC Improves Cleaning Quality While Reducing Investment and Operating Costs

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August, 2002

The Durr Ecoclean North America Group announces the development and demonstration of their new XINC self-contained chip and coolant containment solution designed for the powertrain industry.

Traditionally, engine and transmission manufacturers have relied on multiple machines and processes incorporated into lines or machining stations, all together to get parts as clean as possible. Components are rinsed after each individual processing stage using cleaned and filtered coolants. The coolant becomes contaminated after each rinse, and a substantial volume of contaminated coolant is pumped to a central filtration unit, where it is filtered and re-used.

Traditional machining lines are difficult to relocate after installation due to extensive floor preparation necessary for pumps, fluid containment and coolant trenches.

XINC, which stands for the German "Xerox INClusive" or drying inclusive, is unique in that it incorporates several process phases into a single compact unit, eliminating the need for multiple, space-consuming machines to handle the cleaning, filtration and moisture elimination processes.

After the machining process, the components are passed through a XINC machine, where a high velocity blower and air knife strip machining chips and coolant from the parts at speeds of up to 500 mph. The process air is then removed, with the coolant sent to a filtration unit, while the chips are sent for processing to a chipper/shredder contained within the unit, capable of processing solid metal chips up to 2" in diameter.

A complete mist collection system is incorporated on the roof of the machine, eliminating the need for another separate module.

Multiple processes can be completed within the XINC module, rather than the traditional individual stages of cleaning, filtration and processing; meaning the use of filtered coolants is greatly reduced, the incidence of recontamination is diminished, and parts emerge from the process nearly dry, with only a small volume of residual coolant after the final stage of processing.

All aspects of the XINC are located above ground, eliminating the need for pits excavated into the manufacturing floor for the Zero pump and emergency spill tank containment. The flumes for the recirculating coolant are at floor level, eliminating expensive floor preparation necessary with other technology, and are enclosed to reduce any additional contamination.

Single, above-ground piping runs can now connect single or multiple machining modules at floor level, thus also increasing flexibility of possible future relocation.

Various automation configurations (conveyors, shuttles, roll-overs, tip-up units,) are offered to work within existing or future plant layouts. Other automation options include static blow-off, probe/part I.D. unit, part marker/reader and demagnetizer.

The unit is offered in three standard sizes, with pump sized according to flow rate, cycle time, component options and product size.

More than 30 similar units, designed and built by Durr Ecoclean's Monschau, Germany sister company, are already in operation in auto plants across Europe. The first North American system is scheduled to be installed in early 2003.

The North American units will be built, installed, and serviced from the Durr Ecoclean North America Group.

Durr Ecoclean North America is a member of the Durr Ecoclean Group of companies - the world's largest supplier of automation systems, cleaning technology and filtration equipment/technologies to the powertrain industry. The Durr Ecoclean Group of companies operate under the umbrella of the strategic management holding company, Durr AG headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany.

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