Process Transmitters offer millisecond response.

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With high-speed Option HS, DIN-rail mount JH5000 Series provides 95% complete response in 1 ms. Transmitters offer variety of input styles, including DC, thermocouple, RTD, strain gauge/load cell, and potentiometer/resistance. Equipped with input/output isolation, quick-check output LEDs, and unpluggable terminals, units support math functions such as add/subtract, multiply/divide, and square root.

Original Press Release:

Millisecond-Response Process Transmitters

JH Technology announces a new line of fast-response process transmitters. The company's JH5000 Series DIN-rail transmitters have been redesigned to allow a fast response option while maintaining their full accuracy specifications. Option HS (high speed) provides 1 millisecond response (95% complete). Faster response (or slower) is readily available on special order. Input styles include DC, thermocouple, RTD, strain gauge/load cell and potentiometer/resistance. Math functions such as add/subtract, multiply/divide and square root are also available.

The redesign was prompted by a customer who needed 3kHz response to measure impact transients during drop tests of military aircraft, but the company has had other fast-response requests over the years. Process transmitters normally provide a modest amount of filtering to smooth measurement signals and minimize unwanted noise pickup. Option HS minimizes this filtering for monitoring impacts and transients and for controlling fast-responding processes.

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