Process Monitor has touch screen control.

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CoMo View® accepts force instrumentation data and is capable of monitoring up to 20 cycles/sec in 2 channels. Front panel LCD touch screen enables full mode setup via Ethernet and web browser, and memory of last 20 cycles can be applied to setups and runs. Features include 12 combinable evaluation functions, data export capability, and 3 data inputs for piezoelectric sensors, strain gages, and voltage up to 3.5 kHz bandwidth.

Original Press Release:

Process Monitor has Touch Screen Control

A new process controller with front panel viewing screen is available from Kistler Instrument. Shown and demonstrated for the first time at Assembly Technology Expo by Kistler Instrument, the unit is the latest in a series of the firm's process controllers that accept force instrumentation data and improve assembly processing quality.

Named CoMo View® the unit's LCD touch screen provides full mode setup via Ethernet and web browser. It advances the convenience and capabilities of the CoMo process controller line without the requirement of a PC. With monitoring capability up to 20 cycles per second in two channels, 12 evaluation functions are combinable. Memory of the last 20 cycles can be applied to setups and runs; for production joining or product testing. Extremely system friendly, data export is supported in several programs, some with several cycles of imposed waveforms. Three data inputs accept precise, piezoelectric sensors, strain gages and voltage inputs up to a 3.5kHz bandwidth.

Kistler is a worldwide supplier of precision instrumentation for the measurement of pressure, force and acceleration serving the R & D, industrial and automotive communities.

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