Process Control System works with bioreactors and mixers.

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Powered by DeltaV® Controller from Emerson Process Management, TruBio® DV v5.0 can be used with glass vessels, rockers, media or buffer mixers, and most single-use bioreactors to provide seamless solution from 0.5 L R&D through 2000 L cGMP-compliant production. Software leverages SmartParts™ intelligent digital actuators to implement off-the-shelf solutions for continuous processing and automated harvest. It offers multi-feed dosing and can create batch recipes for mixing and buffer preparation.

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Finesse Solutions Launches TruBio DV 5.0 Bioreactor Control Software with New User Interface and DeltaV Batch S88 Capability

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Finesse Solutions, Inc., Santa Clara, CA, a manufacturer of measurement and control solutions for life science process applications, announced the release of TruBio® DV version 5.0 control software for both bioreactors and mixers.  TruBio 5.0 enhances control by more fully leveraging Finesse SmartParts(TM) components.  TruBio DV software can be used with glass vessels, rockers, media or buffer mixers, and most sizes/brands of single-use bioreactors to provide a seamless solution from 0.5L R&D through 2000L cGMP-compliant production.

TruBio DV version 5.0 continues to be powered by a DeltaV® Controller from Emerson Process Management and is optimized for DeltaV versions 12 and 13. It is also compatible with the Emerson DeltaV batch platform for cGMP-compliant operation and Syncade-based MES systems.

TruBio DV 5.0 has been enhanced to utilize Finesse's new SmartParts family of intelligent digital actuators to implement off-the-shelf solutions for continuous processing and automated harvest.  In addition, the software can be used to create batch recipes for media mixing and/or buffer preparation.  TruBio DV 5.0 retains the full capabilities of the "multi-feed" dosing function to deliver low volume feed additive doses with high precision and allows scalability to large doses into production systems. With its graphical interface improved for consistency, ease of visualization and enhanced alarming, TruBio DV 5.0 fully supports Finesse Universal Controllers to create a unique and flexible upstream bio-processing solution.

About Finesse Solutions, Inc.

California-based Finesse Solutions, Inc., has established a proven record in providing turn-key, scalable solutions for single-use upstream bio-processing.  The Finesse product platform includes novel disposable sensors, modular automation hardware, and intelligent software that can harmonize data and technology transfer globally.   Finesse also offers a complete set of services including commissioning and validation for rapid and reliable deployment of single-use equipment. For more information, please visit us at

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