Problem Roll Repair Services

Expert roll repair from PFE Rolls can be the best and least expensive solution for problem rolls.

(Orange, Mass.) Instead of replacing damaged or problem rolls, experts at PFE Rolls can repair them and eliminate product problems caused by defective rolls. Refurbished rolls cost less than new rolls and require shorter lead times. Repair services include total journal replacement, welding or sleeving damaged journals, bearing replacement and rebalancing rolls for higher speeds. Surface treatments include custom platings, coatings and coverings. PFE Rolls can refurbish rolls weighing up to 10 tons with diameters up to 62" and overall length to 520".

PFE Rolls, Inc., formerly KRH Rolls and previously a division of Perma-Flex Roller Technology, specializes in engineering and manufacturing rolls used in paper, plastic and chemical converting, and food processing. PFE Rolls also produces custom AccuNip¢ machinery used in web applications ranging from laminating, calendering, thermal bonding and cooling to web pulling and holding. For additional information on PFE Rolls, Inc., please contact Mike Hebert, general manager, at (978) 544-7803 or visit PFE¡¯s web site at

PFE Rolls, Inc.: (978) 544-7803

For more information, contact:

Mike Hebert, General Manager

PFE Rolls, Inc.

(978) 544-7803

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