Probe Control System inspects tubes in steam generators.

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By combining features of PM-3A Controller, HS MRPC® Controller, and two 10D Probe Pusher Power Supplies, modular Dual Probe Control System streamlines eddy current testing for cracks and flaws. Product supports up to 2 MRPC Motor Units at 2,400 rpm. Tubular Drive Unit System is designed to extend through square bends in steam generator tubing. Drive shaft resides within solid nylon, pushable extension shaft.

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Zetec Introduces a Dual Probe Control System and More for Steam Generator Tubing Inspection - DPCS

ISSAQUAH, WASHINGTON - Zetec, Inc., a leading supplier of nondestructive test (NDT) equipment introduces the Dual Probe Control System (DPCS) to inspect tubes in steam generators. By combining the features of two separate controllers and power supplies the DPCS provides a small integrated solution with minimum cabling to streamline eddy current testing for cracks and flaws. Consolidation into one compact enclosure makes setup easy and less expensive. DPCS combines all the features of the PM-3A Controller, the HS MRPC® Controller, and two 10D Probe Pusher Power Supplies. The modular system is built into a rack-mount enclosure that doubles as a shipping/storage case with heavy-duty casters.

For high speed inspections, the DPCS can support up to two of Zetec's new High-Speed, High Torque MRPC Motor Units at 2400 rpm. This speed improvement allows the probes to be pulled at nearly three times faster than the standard 9D Motor Units that spin at 900 rpm. Torque is important to maintain a constant rotation speed.

Zetec also introduces a Tubular Drive Unit System to allow MRPC inspections in more restricted tubing. For instance, this solution is designed to extend through both square bends in steam generator tubing. The drive shaft resides within a solid nylon "pushable" extension shaft and enables faster insertions compared to beaded shaft technology. The drive unit resides within the conduit section directly ahead of the probe pusher wheels.

The popular inspection software suite, Eddynet®98, has been updated to Eddynet11i to support Hewlett-Packard's latest workstations with HP-UX version 11i. There is no charge for the update that is available today.

About Zetec

Zetec, Inc. has grown to be the world's leading supplier of eddy current equipment, supplies, software products and related customer and inspection services. Our unique portfolio provides seamless solutions for all aspects of eddy current technology - from automatic probe manipulation, to probe design and manufacture, instrumentation, and training. Zetec is located near Seattle in Washington State, USA, with sales through a worldwide network of manufacturer's representatives. Zetec provides support for every aspect of eddy current testing used in mission critical applications in industries such as aerospace, nuclear and fossil energy, component manufacturing, and petrochemical plants.

More information on Zetec and its products can be found at or Customer Service at Zetec, Inc., 1370 NW Mall Street, Issaquah WA, USA, 98027 - Phone: +(1) 425 392 5316 or Fax: +(1) 425 392 2086.

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