Pro-Light(TM) Exposure Units Now with Digital Timer/High-Output UV Lamps

CHICAGO, IL January 25, 2010 - A.W.T. World Trade Inc. has expanded the options available with its two popular models of screen exposing units- the Pro-Light(TM) 1 and the Pro-Light(TM) 2. Now screen printers can choose the size and features best suited to their production needs, enabling them to produce the highest-quality screen exposures quickly and without reshooting.

"Transferring artwork to the screen is one of the most important steps in producing high-quality screen prints," said Michael Green, president of A.W.T. World Trade. "... and many printers still underexpose their screens and do not achieve the emulsion hardness required for fine detail work. The digital timer enables the exact exposure times critical to so many screen printing applications, and the UV spectrum lamps provide quick and consistent exposure as well. We have the right exposure unit for any application, no matter what the printer's skill level or budget."

The Pro-Light 1 vacuum frame and light source combination bench-model units are affordable and designed for beginners and professionals alike. The standard models come with a choice of three lamp types; focused fluorescent lamps, for directing maximum exposing energy to the screen; high-output black lights, for enhanced efficiency, faster exposure, and longer emulsion life; and high-output UV spectrum lights, excellent for four-color or detail work.

The Pro-Light 1's flexible rubber vacuum blanket helps maintain complete contact between film positive and mesh to prevent distortion, returning to its original shape after the exposure cycle has been completed. All bench models can be equipped with an optional stand and storage shelf if desired. Depending on size, units come with 8, 22, or 30 lamps. The Pro-Light 1 series is available in five standard maximum O.D. frame sizes: 23 x 25" (58 x 64 cm), 29 x 51" (74 x 130 cm), 50 x 72" (127 x 183 cm), 50 x 96" (127 x 244 cm), and 54 x 96" (137 x 244 cm). All have heavy-duty, stainless steel construction, a powerful quiet vacuum motor, automatic shutoff and safety interlock. The UV model comes equipped with a digital timer and yellow safety inspection lights, optional on the other Pro-Light 1 models.

A.W.T.'s Pro-Light 2 direct-contact vacuum frame exposure units are designed for use with external metal halide light sources. The optional Pro-Light 2 Light Source available from A.W.T. includes adjustable lamp heads ranging from 1,000- to 8,000-watts, a three-memory or ten-memory integrator with photo detector, LED display light and touch-activated keypad. Optional diazo and photopolymer lamps are available as well.

The Pro-Light 2's direct-contact vacuum frames have a specially engineered vacuum system around the vacuum frame area, allowing evacuation of air at a high rate and reducing exposure setup time. The unit's counterbalanced design allows smooth and effortless rotation of the photo-clear plate glass from a 180-degree position for overhead and underside exposing to a 90-degree position for front exposing. The Pro-Light 2 series is offered in nine standard maximum O.D. frame sizes, ranging from 50 x 66" (127 x 168 cm) to 84 x 144" (213 x 366 cm). Each unit is equipped with a front-panel vacuum gauge, power switch, side-position lever for fast, easy control and monitoring, and heavy-duty casters for convenient mobility.

More information about the Pro Light 1 and Pro Light 2 is available by contacting:
A.W.T. World Trade Inc.,
4321 N. Knox Ave.,
Chicago, IL 60625 USA.
Phone 773.777.7100,
or visit their website,

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