Printing Systems code directly on corrugated surfaces.

Press Release Summary:

VXJet(TM) Printing Systems, offered in 4 models, feature steel housing, non-pressurized ink container, and automatic speed and direction sensing. Units print to within 1/2 in. of case bottom. They can print from 1 to 3 lines between 3/8 to 2 7/32 in. high. Narrow nose allows for access in tight mounting conditions.

Original Press Release:

Introducing the New FoxJet® VXJet(TM) Printing Systems

South Canaan, PA: FoxJet is proud to introduce their New VXJet(TM) Printing Systems. The standard for inkjet printing, by coding directly on corrugated surfaces; packages can be coded clearly, concisely and with accurate registration with the use of VXJet(TM) Printers. The VXJet(TM) is a low cost printer that is available in four models, VXJet5, VXJet 7, VXJet11 and VXJet 16.

The Newly designed VXJet(TM) Printers offer the following standard features:

o Self-contained units
o 2 year warranty on valves
o Automatic speed & direction sensing
o Prints to within l/2" inch of case bottom
o Narrow nose allows for easier access in tight mounting conditions
o Rugged steel housing
o Ability to print from 1-3 lines between 3/8" to 2-7/32" high
o Non pressurized ink container

FoxJet® manufactures VXJet(TM) Printers as well as High Resolution, WaxJet® and Alphacoder(TM) Printers. This equipment is sold worldwide under the FoxJet® trade name. FoxJet® has been a manufacturer of packaging machinery for over 10 years.

FoxJet® Products are available through a worldwide network of authorized FoxJet® Distributors.

For further information, contact Mark Gilvey, Marketing Manager
Loveshaw, an ITW Company, Box 83, Route 296, South Canaan, PA18459, (570) 937-4921

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