Printing Service provides proof-of-concept prototypes.

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With design data from CAD files, Sigma Design Co., LLC uses 3D Dimension SST printer to produce working prototype, which may include moving and removable subcomponents. Made from ABS plastic, proof-of-concept prototypes provide tool to make decisions about all challenges imposed in developing new product.

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Sigma Design Offers Proof-of-Concept Design For New Product Development And Marketing With Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing

SPRINGFIELD, NJ--March 18, 2008-Sigma Design Company's new rapid prototype Dimension SST 3D printing capability allows clients an accelerated product development cycle at a lower cost. The unique 3D printer uses design data from CAD files to create an actual plastic prototype by means of a 3D printer.

Not to be confused with an ordinary printer which prints a flat image on paper, this printer produces a working plastic prototype, which may include moving and removable subcomponents. It is a remarkable tool to provide proof-of-concept prototypes, which provides the best tool to make decisions about all of the challenges imposed in developing a new product. By offering such technology to its clients, Sigma is able to create a working prototype at a fraction of the time and cost that would be otherwise required.

"A client sent engineering drawings to a machine shop to produce four proof-of-concept prototypes in aluminum. "says Jerry Lynch, president of Sigma Design Company ( "They waited 21 days for the prototypes and were charged $5,000 to produce them. The prototype was eventually rejected after marketing reviewed it," Lynch explains. "Our rapid prototyping 3D printer could have saved them time and investment."

The printer provides a model made from ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic, which is used to create prototypes at close tolerances and in several colors. ABS plastic is a durable engineered plastic that is used to make everything from LEGO bricks and golf club heads to pipe fittings.

"Imagine the alternative" says Lynch. "For the same investment, our rapid prototyping 3D printer could have produced 10 proof-of-concept iterations, and completed them in a mere two to three days, vice three weeks." adds Lynch.

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Sigma Design Company is a full-service engineering design firm providing creative manufacturing and engineering solutions for product, process and equipment solutions for the Aeronautic, Biotechnology, Chemical Processing, Environmental, Food and Beverage Processing, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Marine and Shipbuilding, and Pharmaceutical industries.

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