Printers/Copiers/Scanners facilitate in-house document output.

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DiALTA Model CF3102 copies and prints both color and black and white documents at 31 ppm, while Model CF2002 copies and prints color at 20 ppm and black and white at 31 ppm. Both can reproduce 2-page spreads, spreadsheets, layouts, and oversize graphics on 12 x 18 in. paper with margins and crop marks. They use polymerized toner and are offered with various optional document-finishing attachments. Applications include production reports, drawings, and specifications.

Original Press Release:

New Minolta Color Printer/Copiers Are a Total In House Document Output and Distribution Solution for Companies in the Manufacturing Industry

Minolta's New Digital Printer/Copiers' Affordability and Capabilities

Are Ideal for Both Color and Black and White Printing and Copying Needs

RAMSEY, NJ-May 21, 2003- Minolta Corporation says that with the capabilities and low cost of its new digital color printer/copiers, the DiALTA CF3102 and CF2002, now is the time for those in the manufacturing industry to seriously consider leasing or purchasing one for everyday use for both color and black and white documents.

Every step of every manufacturing process is underpinned by a document flow. Even in these days of electronic reporting, hardcopy output remains essential. Minolta's color printer/copier can help these essential documents become more effective. "There are dozens of studies that show that color helps communicate more effectively," says John Reilly, director of marketing and strategic planning, Minolta's Business Products Group. "It helps documents stand out more and enhances retention of information. With a Minolta color printer/copier retailers can make contact with their customers more effectively and more often by enhancing the quality and quantity of marketing communications."

Minolta Color Printer/Copiers Are More Affordable Than You May Think

Color printer/copiers are becoming more affordable every day and not just for high-volume environments. "To see if a color printer/copier can reduce your printing and copying costs, add up all that you spend to print color and b/w documents on expensive-to-operate ink jet and laser printers, and then add the cost of making color copies at a print shop or print-for-pay outlet," says Reilly. "Finally, figure how much valuable time you waste chasing around to make these copies - you may be surprised at the amount you spend every year." With current cost-per-copy leasing programs, the cost of acquiring a Minolta color printer/copier is surprisingly affordable for both color and black and white use. Leases often include service and consumable supplies as well. For example, a color copy made on a CF3102 can be as low as 10 cents. Compare that to what you pay at a printing and copying outlet. The cost of a color copy can be as much as 85 cents, or more.

Black and white printing and copying cost per page is equally as economical as well, with speeds and costs competitive to those units that print only black and white. "If someone wants one print system capable of producing all types of documents, Minolta's new color printer/copiers certainly fit the bill," says Reilly.

Manufacturing Applications

The CF3102 and CF2002 can meet the demand for high-impact, color materials that most manufacturing organizations commonly have.

Production Reports

The ability to quickly understand and analyze a production document is vital to manufacturing workers. Color can enhance the readability of the major workflow documentation used to track purchasing, productivity, quality, safety and environmental compliance. Using color to emphasize key points helps management and line personnel to focus on the most important information.

Training and Education

In order to be well understood, training materials need to be well illustrated. Color graphics can be used to effectively demonstrate key concepts. In addition, with the finishing capabilities of Minolta's color printer/copier, training departments can produce color training materials on-site.

Sales Collateral& Product Information

Frequent product updates and launches of new products make it expensive to use traditional offset printing sources for sales collateral and product information. Minolta's print-on-demand color capabilities make short run printing very practical and cost effective. In addition, short run printing gives manufacturers the flexibility to update product information as needed and to create sales collateral that is personalized and targeted to specific customer profiles.

Drawings and Specifications

Engineering and product design documents are tracked and followed all through the manufacturing process. CAD-CAM documents are often done on a plotter - to a large size. Minolta's color systems provide a convenient way to replicate these documents and make them available in a full color form to everyone along the production path.

Facilities Presentation

Clients, shareholders and investors often want to tour the plant facilities for a first hand inspection of the manufacturer's capabilities. An introductory PowerPoint tour helps orient the visitors to facilities. A hard copy version of this presentation can serve as a simple, high quality hand out. This can easily be expanded to customized, corporate profile packages that are produced quickly and economically in color featuring full-color photos and reference materials.

Minolta Color Printer/Copiers Are Versatile

Minolta's newest color printer/copier/scanners were designed to bring out the best in any document. The CF3102 prints and copies both color and black and white documents at 31 pages per minute (ppm). The CF2002 prints and copies color at 20 ppm and black and white at 31 ppm. They can reproduce two-page spreads, spreadsheets, layouts and oversize graphics on 12" x 18" paper that include margins and crop marks. Both products use polymerized toner, with ultra-fine particles that distribute more evenly, to create crisp, clean prints and copies with the sharpest detail and smoother halftones.

The CF3102 and CF2002 are recipients of Better Buys for Business Editor's Choice Award and the BERTL Five Star Exceptional Rating. These organizations provide independent evaluations and analysis of Minolta and competitive products.

A Wealth of Options Increase Functionality

With optional document finishing attachments, the CF3102 and CF2002 can sort, collate, staple, two- or three-hole punch, even fold and make booklets automatically. By installing a Minolta copier with an optional controller, it turns into a powerful printer, hooked up either to a PC or Mac or to a computer network so an entire office staff can share it. The CF3102 and CF2002 offer customers a choice of controller options including the CN3101e, Minolta's basic embedded controller and the CN3102e, an intermed iate embedded controller developed by Electronics for Imaging (EFI). The embedded controllers save space, too, giving users an all-in-one print solution with a smaller footprint. The controllers also give users a range of scanning options such as scan to E-mail for Internet distribution, scan to FTP for file exchange and scan to HDD for file storing. Think about how this will make an office more efficient.

With a print controller, the CF3102 and CF2002 give users the power to do more with point-and-click control printing right from the desktop at full-rated speed, including control of print settings and finishing options. The CN3102e print controller gives users a range of document building and handling capabilities. For instance, Fiery Docbuilder(r) lets users preview, merge, edit and assemble finished documents more quickly. And Fiery Freeform creates form "masters" to easily merge with database information for variable data printing.

Minolta Corporation

For over 70 years, Minolta has applied its talents and resources to create products and services that are essential to the world of imaging. These efforts concentrate on the most important aspects of imaging: the quality of the images, the tools and methods for creating images, and the creation of environments for the application of images. This focus on the essentials of imaging ties together Minolta's key business and consumer product lines: digital monochrome and color printer/copiers, multifunction peripherals, desktop laser printers, cameras, binoculars, optical instruments, software and advanced imaging and sensing technologies.

Minolta Corporation, headquartered in Ramsey, New Jersey, is the largest wholly owned subsidiary of Minolta Co., Ltd., Osaka, Japan. The company's Business Products Group markets and supports office equipment and systems, addressing the ever changing needs of businesses and organizations by providing innovative products for the capture, output and management of images.

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