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July 11, 2007 Benton Harbor, MI - PrintekMobile of Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA, announced that Roto-Rooter Services Company will deploy 1,500 (one-thousand, five-hundred) PrintekMobile FieldPro mobile thermal printers with magnetic card readers (MCR) in their field service environments.

The PrintekMobile FieldPro was designed with field service functions in mind; printing up-to-date work records, receipts, and invoices, all right at the point of service. The optional MCR can take credit card payments right on the spot. The PrintekMobile exclusive Universal Port also permits attachment of optional peripherals such as barcode scanners and signature capture pads, adding functional capability that might not otherwise be available or economical in the handheld Roto-Rooter is the largest provider of plumbing and drain cleaning services in North America, operating company-owned businesses in 110 territories and approximately 500 independent franchise territories. Roto-Rooter serves approximately ninety-percent of the U.S. population and forty-one percent of Canada. When tasked with improving the productivity of its "army" of technicians, the goal was obvious to Stephen Poppe, Chief Information Officer for Roto-Rooter Services Company: find ways that technology can reduce the amount of time between jobs.

"If your drain is overflowing, you're not interested in waiting until tomorrow when we can more efficiently route the job. Customers don't wait until tomorrow for today's plumbing jobs," Poppe said. "The problem becomes the time in between the service jobs. How do we get someone with the correct skills to your house in the least amount of time, and how do we get them to the next job in the most timely manner?"

The answer for Roto-Rooter lay in the integration of mobile technologies, including the PrintekMobile FieldPro with built-in card readers, so that field technicians can process credit card payments on-site and leave more accurate, professional-looking receipts and estimates. "Filling out an 8½" x 11" sheet of paper takes time," Poppe said. "But with a handheld and the printer, they just have to punch in the job codes and we can produce a piece of paper that is a professional image of what the invoice really is." In the first week of the mobile solution deployment, Roto-Rooter saw a twenty-percent increase in productivity. In addition, cost savings and enhanced ROI come from a reduction in transactions fees for swiped payment cards and improved cash flow due to shorter average payment cycles.

With the successful rollout of this mobile solution, Roto-Rooter expects rapid payback and improved ongoing service cost structure, while enjoying the benefits of greater customer satisfaction - a winning business combination!

More information about Roto-Rooter is available at To learn more about PrintekMobile products visit

About PrintekMobile

The name Printek has been synonymous with innovative business printing for almost 30 years. Printek has supplied superior printing solutions to a variety of Fortune 500's, SMB's, and government agencies, worldwide. The PrintekMobile Group of Printek, Inc. is enjoying ever-growing success in the mobile printing marketplace.
All PrintekMobile printers are designed to withstand challenging work environments. All PrintekMobile printers are backed by unparalleled support and comprehensive warranties. PrintekMobile offers direct thermal printers designed for field service, route accounting, manufacturing, retail, transportation, public safety, hospitality, warehousing and distribution applications. They print invoices, forms, receipts, tickets, labels and other documents used in mobile solutions worldwide.

PrintekMobile printers also come with unparalleled customer support- before and after purchase. The technical sales and support staff work directly with system integrators, software developers, mobile hardware manufacturers, VARs, and wireless service providers to develop cost-effective, innovative mobile solutions using the latest technologies.

About Roto Rooter

Roto-Rooter Corporation was founded in 1935 by Samuel Blanc in Des Moines, Iowa, following his invention of the first electric sewer-cleaning machine, known as the "Roto-Rooter." In 1980, the Blanc family sold the company to Chemed Corporation (Symbol: CHE), headquartered in Cincinnati. Chemed owns Roto-Rooter Services Company, which operates 110 company-owned service locations, mostly in major metropolitan areas. Chemed also operates Roto-Rooter Corporation, based in West Des Moines, Iowa, which manufactures Roto-Rooter machinery and drain cleaning equipment under the Roto-Rooter® and Duracable® brand names and oversees independent Roto-Rooter franchises throughout the world.

Contact: Cori Hatheway, Marketing Manager, Printek, Inc.
Telephone: 269-925-3200, ext. 257

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