Printed Circuits, Inc. Offers Customers the Ability to Bury Passive Devices in Rigid Flex and Flexible Circuit Boards

Printed Circuits, Inc. (Minneapolis, MN) - Printed Circuits offers their customers the ability to bury resistors and capacitors in their rigid flex and flexible circuits, improving electrical performance, freeing up board space for additional processing capability, allowing greater electronic miniaturization and improved reliability.

Modern electronic designs can be increasingly constrained by the number of passive components that are required. Current designs feature high density processors with a dramatic growth in the number of passive components needed to support them.

Materials are readily available that allow circuit manufacturers to "bury" resistors and capacitors within the circuit board - giving circuit designers improved circuit density, device miniaturization, greater reliability, higher assembly yields, simplified in-circuit testing, improved signal processing and the minimizing of signal integrity issues.

Another feature is that the passive devices can be located near the processor chip, improving electrical performance and minimizing parasitic interference caused by remote location, vias, traces, etc.

"Rigid flex, and flex in general, is a natural path to device miniaturization" said Ken Tannehill President of Printed Circuits, Inc. "We notice that as boards get more complicated, they actually get smaller and thinner. Flexible circuits allow our customers' designers the freedom to use the form to provide the function, rather than the other way around. With buried passives, we are helping our customers achieve the next level of reliability, density and simplicity in their designs."

If you would like to learn more about buried passives in flexible circuit designs, please contact Jim Rens at (952) 886-9320 or by e-mail at

Printed Circuits, Inc. is a US manufacturer of multilayer flex and rigid flex printed circuit boards that are typically used in high reliability applications, such as medical, military and commercial electronics, where customers place a premium on reliability, package density, and weight. If you would like to learn more about Printed Circuits, Inc., rigid flex design guidelines, or UL considerations with rigid flex, visit their website at

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