Printed Circuits, Inc. Invests in Pluritec Automatic X-Ray Registration System

Printed Circuits, Inc. (Minneapolis, MN) purchased a new Pluritec Inspecta Combo HPL X-Ray registration system, or a "Smart Drill" to improve registration on complex rigid flex manufacturing.

The new drill uses X-Rays to locate fiducials on each layer along the perimeter of the panel.  The machine then optimizes the drill program to fit any dimensional shift, skew or rotation in the layers, prior to drilling tooling holes, or the panel itself.

The machine has the ability to inspect and evaluate, prior to drilling any holes, whether or not the panel has the registration required to meet the customer's annular ring tolerance.  If the layer registration is sufficient, the machine continues the operation.  If the registration in the panel is deficient, the machine will not continue, saving additional manufacturing time and expense.

Ken Tannehill, PCi's President and CEO said “for our customers, this will give them an additional edge in quality and delivery.  We specialize in higher layer count, high reliability rigid flex, which means that we are working with very thin and dissimilar materials, with variable CTE rates, and are always working to improve registration.  For our customers, we will know right after lamination whether or not the panel has the registration to meet their requirements.  No more waiting until a few days before the product is supposed to ship. The new machine will also give our customers higher yields on their products, which results in lower costs."

The dual head system also offers controlled depth drilling, routing, inspection, statistical analysis and the ability to do these operations globally across the panel, or in selected areas, with registration achieved by panel, by array, or even by part or location for fine pitch BGA applications, etc.

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