Printed Circuit Boards resist moisture and corrosion.

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Elpor Steel Metal Core PCBs feature porcelain ceramic coating that provides primary electrical insulation between printed circuit and steel core. Dip process allows coating of both sides, edges, and holes. Thick film cermet conductors, resistors, and dielectrics are screen-printed onto board. Film and resistors are dried and fired, forming hard, adherent film, typically 0.5-1 mil thick, with desired electrical and mechanical properties.

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ELPOR® Steel's Corrosion and Moisture Resistant Qualities Offer Unique Advantages

Heatron's Elpor Steel Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards (MCPCBs) offer the unique advantage of a robust porcelain ceramic coating. This coating provides the primary electrical insulation between the printed circuit and the steel core. It is applied in a proprietary dip process that allows coating of both sides, edges and holes. This high temperature glass-like coating also helps the circuit board resist moisture and corrosion.

ELPOR® Steel can be fabricated to accommodate custom board designs with far greater resistance to mechanical shock than standard Printed Circuit Boards. Excellent heat dissipation and zero water absorption make ELPOR® Steel technology ideal for use with virtually any printed power resistor or mounted device.

Thick film cermet conductors, resistors and dielectrics are screen-printed on to the ELPOR® Steel board. After printing, the film and resistors are dried and fired, forming a hard, adherent film, typically 0.5 to 1 mil thick with the desired electrical and mechanical properties.

Known for their ruggedness and heat sinking capabilities; Heatron's ELPOR® Steel circuit boards are utilized for a variety of applications in the automotive, appliance, military defense, computer, medical, industrial controls and communications markets.

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