Prima Power LASERDYNE Will Be Demonstrating the Latest Precision Laser Technology at IMTS 2014, McCormick Place - East Hall, Booth E-5139

Champlin, Minnesota: Prima Power Laserdyne will be available to demonstrate and discuss the latest in laser processing solutions at IMTS 2014, McCormick Place – East Hall, Booth E-5139. These include the LASERDYNE 430BD – shown in their booth, LASERDYNE 795, and the newest generation of BeamDirector; as well as the impact of fiber lasers on precision laser processing and the increasingly challenging requirement for precision beam positioning in 3 dimensions.

LASERDYNE 430 Series

The LASERDYNE 430 Series of systems is designed for cutting, welding and drilling of 2D and 3D component parts requiring exact precision. It offers a suite of standard options and multiple configurations from 3 to 6 axes for processing parts in various market segments requiring manufacturing flexibility, rapid prototyping, and quick change overs.

The 430 Series of precision laser systems is now available with up to 20 kW QCW (quasi continuous wave) fiber lasers. This addition to the product offering expands the capability and flexibility of the system for precision cutting, welding, and drilling applications. This is especially important for job shops and a wide range of OEM's that require precision processing, consistent throughput and quality in a system that is flexible in applications and space efficient.

This laser system can be integrated with LASERDYNE'S BeamDirector®, as demonstrated at IMTS.  It features advanced motion and process control capabilities in a highly space efficient platform when coupled with a fiber laser. The 430 BeamDirector is capable of drilling advanced shaped holes, cutting and welding a wide range of materials.

The third generation BeamDirector® features LASERDYNE's exclusive contouring head that provides C (rotary) axis motion of 900 degrees, and D (tilt) axis motion of 300 degrees. This positioning capability of a BeamDirector with a rotary table provides a six-axis system enabling new manufacturing processes while improving existing ones.

Additional feature include: Automatic Focus Control™, patented Optical Focus Control (OFC), ShapeSoft™, and BreakThrough Detection™.

The LASERDYNE 430 BeamDirector® operates at speeds up to 0-20 m/min (0-800 inch/min) in all linear axes with bidirectional accuracy of 12.7 micrometer (0.0005 inch ). This accuracy is throughout the system's 585 x 408 x 508 mm work envelope, making it ideal for demanding processing requiring validation and reliability.


The LASERDYNE 795 system is designed to cut, weld, and drill medium to large volume 3D components with a minimum of setups helping to insure part accuracy and minimum total cycle time.  Its unique moving beam motion system includes a full complement of LASERDYNE hardware and software features. It is the first and only standard multi-axis laser system guaranteeing volumetric accuracy within this large volume.

The 795 is designed for flexibility of motion and tight tolerances in applications including hole drilling in combustion liners, hydroformed exhaust and heat shield components, nozzle guide vanes and blades; trimming of stamped and spun parts and producing shaped holes for land-based and aero turbine components.

With higher velocity and acceleration, the third generation BeamDirector, called BD3Y, has the exclusive LASERDYNE contouring head design with C (rotary) axis travel of  900 degrees, and D (tilt) axis travel of 300 degrees. Among its many new features for improved accuracy and repeatability are: higher assist gas pressures, high resolution optical encoders, an adjustable mirror design for easy and accurate beam alignment, and cassette mounted lens and cover slides for quick, accurate changeover.

Like the LASERDYNE 430 the system also includes the LASERDYNE S94P control, which includes a full complement of standard hardware and software features. Additional features include: Automatic Focus Control™, patented Optical Focus Control (OFC), Drill At Focus™, Hole Diameter Compensation™, ShapeSoft™, and Breakthrough Detection™.

Accuracy of the new 795 system is certified to ISO 230-1:1996 and 230-2:2006 in accordance with Prima Power Laserdyne standard accuracy and repeatability test procedures. The BD3Y BeamDirector laser contouring head continues to have an industry leading  five-year warranty for crash related incidents.

Get ideas and find answers to your laser system requirements and questions at IMTS 2014, McCormick Place – East Hall, Booth E-5139. As America's largest manufacturing technology show, IMTS 2014 provides a wealth of dedicated and focused platforms.

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