Prilling System can produce range of particle sizes.

Press Release Summary:

Prilling system, leveraging pulse combustion spray dryer with flexible and controllable gas-dynamic atomizer, can produce range of particle sizes. System uses existing spray dryer elements as well as specific equipment for feed preparation and transportation. Units are available for pulse drying, pulse prilling, or combined drying and prilling.

Original Press Release:

Pulse Combustion Systems Introduces Prilling Capability

Payson, Arizona – Pulse Combustion Systems (PCS) announced today that it has built and successfully demonstrated “prilling” operations by making minor changes to its standard pulse combustion spray dryer. The new system uses all of the existing “spray dryer” elements, and adds some special equipment for feed preparation and transportation.

“A very innovative high-tech manufacturer challenged us to develop “Single Unit” Pulse Drying and Pulse Prilling for them, because they have needs for both a spray dryer and a prilling tower, and they didn’t want to have to purchase two separate machines when 90% of the equipment is the same in both processes,” said James Rehkopf, President of PCS. “None of our competitors were willing to offer a combined unit, but we said, ‘Why not?’ Our engineers had everything ready to go in about three weeks, and when we pushed the start button, magic happened – instead of making dry powders, we were making beautiful prills – instantly! We also were able to control the particle size of the prills, again with the push of a button.”

“The key to our quick success in prilling is our gas-dynamic atomizer,” said David Mirko, VP Engineering of PCS. “The atomizer is highly flexible and controllable, and we were able to easily make a large range of particle sizes – much larger than our customer had previously seen.”

The Company is now offering units for sale for Pulse Drying, Pulse Prilling, or a Combined Drying and Prilling system. It also offers Contract Drying and Contract Prilling at its Payson, AZ plant.

For more information, contact James Rehkopf at or 415 457 6500.

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