Pricing/Margin Analytics Software helps find profitability opportunities.

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Offered on-premises and as subscription-based service, Margin Insight v7.0 helps B2B companies identify, analyze, and prioritize root causes of margin leaks and pricing opportunities through apple-to-apple comparisons. Program utilizes Precision Price Segmentation as basis for analysis, giving B2B companies deep visibility into margin erosion sources such as over-discounting, quoting errors, and cross-selling opportunities to immediately uncover pricing opportunities.

Original Press Release:

Zilliant Releases Margin Insight 7.0 for Identifying Margin Leaks and Prioritizing Pricing Opportunities with Scientific Precision

New version of pricing and margin analytics solution emphasizes proprietary science and out-of-the-box analyses to help B2B companies better align with business process to drive adoption, and empower users through self-service capabilities

Austin, TX - November 9, 2009 - Zilliant, the leading provider of price optimization and margin management solutions for B2B manufacturers, distributors, high-tech, and industrial service companies, today announced the release of Margin Insight v7.0 pricing and margin analytics software. Formerly branded ZPPS Analytics, Margin Insight helps B2B companies identify, analyze, and prioritize root-causes of margin leaks and pricing opportunities through accurate apple-to-apple comparisons. The new version emphasizes proprietary scientific intelligence to find profitability opportunities while empowering users with more control to drive adoption and align with their business processes, delivering accurate and actionable insights to roles across the organization.

"As a Zilliant Advisory Council member, we have been actively involved in the innovation of the product solution to ensure the pricing needs of B2B manufacturers are addressed and delivered," said Lynn P. Brenton, Senior Director, Hubbell, Inc. "We have been looking forward to the advancements in this release, in particular the best practice playbooks and mobile support, which we anticipate having a positive impact across our sales force."

Margin Insight v7.0 utilizes Precision Price Segmentation, a scientifically-derived segmentation model, as a basis for analysis to identify actionable margin leaks with a level of speed and accuracy that is not possible with generic business intelligence tools on the market today. As a result, B2B companies gain deep visibility into margin erosion sources such as over-discounting, quoting errors, and cross-selling opportunities to immediately uncover pricing opportunities. Margin Insight is offered both on-premises and as a subscription-based service enabling customers to "pay-as-you-go" so costly investments of hardware and software purchases are eliminated.

Key features and functionalities include:

  • Expertly-Designed Guided Playbooks. Zilliant's pricing experts have designed structured, step-by-step playbooks incorporating proprietary scientific analysis techniques and methods users can utilize to quickly and easily identify profitable problems and opportunities, better aligning businesses processes and reducing inappropriate 'slicing-and-dicing' of data.

  • Role-based Delivery Vehicles. New role-based interfaces enable assigned administrators to choose appropriate delivery mechanisms to push tailored information to business process and organizational groups (managers, executives, salespeople, pricing analysts) on a daily basis, eliminating confusion and data overload to better drive adoption. Role users can access playbooks, dashboards, and scorecards through a Web-browser, and receive alerts and reports via email directly to iPhone and Blackberry mobile devices.

  • Do-It-Yourself Configuration. As business circumstances change and needs grow, flexible configuration capabilities empower users to directly make modifications to existing analytics views, dashboards, and alerts without involving IT management, saving time and reducing total cost of ownership.

    "In this tough economic climate, B2B companies are seeking new approaches to protect their margins, but still deliver high quality service," said Tim Hamilton, SVP sales and marketing, Zilliant. "Margin Insight solves this challenge by giving customers a more data-driven option to identify and manage price and margin performance for the long term. No other vendor offers a pricing analytics solution with as much integrated functionality and science-driven intelligence at an affordable price point."

    Pricing and Availability

    Margin Insight v7.0 is generally available. Contact Zilliant for pricing.
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    About Zilliant

    Zilliant is the leading provider of price optimization and margin management solutions for B2B manufacturing, distribution, high-tech, and industrial service companies. Zilliant uses existing transactional data to improve decisions across all facets of price analysis, price setting and execution. Zilliant helps companies achieve the best pricing possible on every deal, agreement, and price list, increasing profits by tens of millions of dollars. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Zilliant is a privately held company. Investors include Austin Ventures, Cardinal Ventures, Panorama Capital, and Trellis Partners. For more information contact Zilliant at 877.893.1085 or visit

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