PRI Increases Production with Second Davis-Standard Fence System

(Pawcatuck, Conn.)-Plastics Resources, Inc. (PRI) of Logan, Utah, recently boosted production of rigid PVC fence profiles by installing a second Davis-Standard, LLC coextrusion system. The new system, identical to PRI's first system installed in 2005, is reducing lead times and tooling changes while increasing outputs and production time. Both Davis-Standard systems support the custom fencing operations of Mountain West Vinyl Products (MWVP), a wholly owned subsidiary of PRI.

Jef Hoggan, PRI founder, president and CEO said, "With the two lines, we have increased outputs around 115 percent with less down time spent changing over our tooling for other products. This has enabled us to build a bit of inventory. We are also running more in line with our schedule and with shorter lead times for customers."

As with the last system, the line is set up for manufacturing 5-inch by 5-inch (127mm by 127mm) coextruded posts, 1.5-inch by 5.5-inch (38mm by 140mm) coextruded rails, and 5/8-inch by 11 3/8-inch (16mm by 289mm) coextruded tongue-and-groove slats/pickets. MWVP offers these profiles in two different wall thicknesses to accommodate customer requirements. The company's fencing products have been highly successful in the marketplace. PRI's sales for the vinyl fence market have increased approximately 75 percent since 2005 and are still growing.

"Our growth has primarily resulted from excellent quality of finished products and shorter lead times than competitors," explained Hoggan. "Our first Davis-Standard line has treated us very well and we have exceeded our projections. The second line is also performing well and the service has been outstanding."

Davis-Standard supplied the complete package including GC-65 (Gemini® Conical, 65mm) and GC-40 (Gemini Conical, 40mm) co-extruders, a portable chiller, material loading systems, three sets of custom engineered tooling and MESA III control system. PRI, a Davis-Standard customer for 20 years, operates other Davis-Standard extrusion lines, including some Killion and NRM Extrusion equipment.

As for the future of PRI's vinyl fence business, Hoggan is optimistic. "We are growing and being aggressive in the vinyl fence market in the Western U.S. along with the rest of our business product markets," he said. "We look forward to serving our expanding customer base with the excellent customer service and quality products that we are known for in the industry."

PRI, founded by Hoggan in 1984, started out by extruding clear PVC anti-static packaging for the Integrated Circuit Chips (ICC) business. Today, PRI extrudes specialized plastics for more than 600 customers throughout North America, Europe and Asia. The company's processing range includes PE, PP, PVC, PU, HDPE, PS and ABS, as well as flex, semi-rigid, rigid and high-impact polymers. In addition, the company is a solutions partner for hundreds of ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) shipping and handling end-users, suppliers and service organizations. PRI manufactures a wide variety of stock and custom anti-static tubes to protect electronic components, micro-devices, and connectors during shipping, storage, handling and assembly operations. PRI also manufactures embossed carrier tape (tape and reel) solutions for suppliers and users of surface mount technology (SMT) and other devices that require assembly automation.

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