Pressure Washer Wands feature pivoting nozzle.

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Available in 40 and 28 in. models, Hyde Pivot Pro-Grade Nozzle Wands are rated at 4,000 and 3,200 psi, respectively. Users twist handle to activate pivoting nozzle feature. Because head of wand pivots 90°, there is no need to stoop, bend, or kneel to get hard-to-reach places, minimizing chance of worker strain or injury.

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New! Hyde Pivot Nozzle Wands for Pressure Washers

Safer Wand Saves Contractors Time & Effort

The new Pivot Nozzle technology for Hyde's new pressure washer wands is specifically designed to save contractors time and effort and offers what no other wand has - a pivoting nozzle. Just twist the grip and see how the patented pivoting nozzle actually helps you do the work. Because the head of the wand pivots 90 degrees, there is no need to stoop, bend or kneel to get hard to reach places. It has a robust design for perfect handling and has been field and lab tested to ensure the rugged durability pros need on the job.

"Power washing is most effective when the stream of pressurized water directly faces the target surface," says Corey Talbot, Director of Product Development. "With this new Hyde Pivot Nozzle technology, you can easily re-direct the stream of water from the handle. You can maintain a comfortable, balanced stance and reach difficult areas without bending or reaching. This creates a more efficient job".

Talbot says that the new Pivot Nozzle technology solves complaints users have with conventional wands. "With the old style conventional straight wand, high or difficult-to-reach areas are very awkward to attack. To keep the tip close to the required 90 degrees you have to contort your body into dangerous positions. "The new Pivot Nozzle gives you more control by angling the head so you can reach higher places more effectively without having to climb a ladder. Your arms can now be kept close to your body so you experience less fatigue and stay out of the way of falling water."

The Hyde team supervised field testing of the wands and made refinements based on user feedback to make certain that users would find the new Pivot Nozzle technology to be a major breakthrough. You are able to do a better job pressure washing, while expending less energy and reducing potential risks to injury. The most important advantage for pros and homeowners is saving time - being able to do more jobs in a shorter amount of time. To find a retailer nearest you, call 800-USA-HYDE or e-mail Reference the Hyde SKU 28445 for the 40" and 28435 SKU for the 28".

HYDE® is a registered trademark of Hyde Tools, Inc.

Hyde 40" Pivot Nozzle Wand is 4000 PSI-rated, pro-grade robust design is engineered for dependability and durability. A perfect fit for pros who are already working with a ¼" thread gun. It provides reach and power for the most demanding jobs while fitting perfectly in the hand. Just twist the handle to activate the nozzle.

The Hyde 28" Pivot Nozzle Wand is 3200 PSI rated, pro-grade, robust design engineered for dependability and durability in a smaller size-fitting all M22 threaded guns. Painters like the pro-tough easy to use way it feels. Just twist the handle to activate the nozzle feature.

No stooping, bending or kneeling with Hyde's new Pivot Nozzle wand. Arms can be kept comfortable and close to the body while angling the tip to spray at ground level.

Spraying in high, hard-to-reach places is easy with the new HYDE® Pivot Nozzle wand. The pivoting head at the end of the wand gives users greater control and increased versatility to do more with less strain increasing the effectiveness of the tool.

Visit your local retailer and look for Hyde's specially designed package which actually allows you to twist the grip and see how the HYDE Pivot Nozzle technology works.

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