Pressure/Vacuum Pump features high-efficiency motor.

Press Release Summary:

Weighing 2.5 lb and offering low vibration, 2250 WOB-L Piston pump has brushless DC motor with variable speed from 1,000-3,000 rpm, which allows airflow to be steplessly varied according to application requirements. Pump handles open flow of 0.6 cfm, maximum pressure of 17 psi, and reaches maximum vacuum of 22.0 in. Hg. Standard head configuration has ½ in. hosed barbed fittings, but is also available with 1/8 in.-28 BSPT threaded ports.

Original Press Release:

Thomas Introduces the Model 2250 Pressure/Vacuum Pump with Unprecedented Levels of Mobility and Efficiency

The new 2250 WOB-L Piston pump from Thomas features magnesium components that help to limit the pump's weight to a mere 2.5 lb. It is also very quiet and offers very low vibration meaning smoother running across all speed curves. A highly efficient brushless DC motor offers low power consumption for long battery life. The motor offers variable speed from 1,000 to 3,000 RPM, meaning the airflow can be steplessy varied according to application requirements. In addition, an optional closed looped controller allows motor speed to be maintained at a pre-set, constant RPM regardless of load or voltage fluctuations.

The 2250ZC35/24 has an open flow of 0.6 CFM (17 l/min) - maximum pressure of 17 PSI (1.17 bar) and reaches a maximum vacuum of 22.0 in.Hg (-745 mbar). The standard head configuration has 1/2" hosed barbed fittings, but is also available with 1/8"-28 BSPT threaded ports. The pump is well suited for applications in both medical, pharmaceuticals, business machines and instrumentation where small size and the ability to control flow rate by varying the speed is critical. It can also be custom configured to meet your exact specifications or application requirements.

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