Pressure Transmitter targets heat pump systems.

Press Release Summary:

Incorporating piezo-resistive sense element, Model PT250 features integral pipe pressure connection that is welded at pressure source. All-welded, 304L stainless steel unit does not utilize gasket, thereby complying with EU 842/2006 directive. Operating on supply voltage of 9-32 Vdc, transmitter features pressure ranges from 0-100 through 0-5,000 psi, and provides 4-20 mA linear analog output that is proportional to pressure. Unit is RFI/EMI and reverse polarity protected.

Original Press Release:

Kavlico Designs Pressure Sensor for Heat Pump Systems Meeting EU 842/2006 Directive

Moorpark, CA-Kavlico, a global business unit of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST) has developed a new version of the PT250 pressure transmitter designed specifically for installation in heat pump systems. Incorporating a piezo-resistive sense element, these extremely rugged, all-welded, 304L stainless steel constructed devices have an integral pipe pressure connection that is welded at the pressure source.

According to EU 842/2006, heat pump applications using fluorinated greenhouse gases must be checked for leakage at least once every 12 months or every 6 months depending upon the gas quantity they contain. However, the directive shall not apply to equipment with hermetically sealed systems. The PT250 from Kavlico does not utilize a gasket thereby complying with the EU 842/2006 directive. By installing a PT250 transmitter in the heat pump system, a significant cost-savings is achieved by no longer having to monitor leakage rates, a big plus for the end-user.

Heat pumps will make a major contribution toward Europe meeting its climate and energy challenges for renewable heating and cooling technology, and Kavlico's newly designed transmitter will assist with this "GREEN", efficient energy solution. The PT250 is compatible with the following heat pump systems:

o Air to Air

o Air to Water

o Water to Water

o Water to Air

o Ground to Water

o Ground to Air

Pressure ranges for the PT250 are available from 0-6 through 0-400 Bar (0-100 through 0-5,000 PSI). Operating on a supply voltage of 9 to 32Vdc, the transmitters provide a 4-20mA linear analog output that is proportional to pressure. The operating temperature range is -15° to +85°C, while storage temperature is -40° to +125°C.
The fast response devices are RFI/EMI and reverse polarity protected. The stainless steel isolation diaphragm is compatible with most industrial fluids and gaseous media.

Capable of operation in harsh environments with high vibration, these high accuracy transmitters can be supplied with a Packard, M12, or DIN electrical connector. Highly reliable, the PT250 has a shelf life of 10 years and a 1 million full pressure cycle minimum operating capacity.

About Kavlico

Kavlico is an operation of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST). Kavlico is a leading manufacturer of pressure, position (LVDT & RVDT), force, level, tilt, media quality, and other specialty sensors, and transducers for the transportation, industrial and aerospace & defense markets.

About Custom Sensors & Technologies

Headquartered in Moorpark, CA, Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST) unit is comprised of the industry-leading brands of Crouzet, Kavlico, Crydom, as well as the former divisions of BEI Technologies, including Newall and Systron Donner. CST provides sensors, controls, and actuation products for the transportation, industrial and aerospace & defense markets.



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