Pressure Transmitter resists corrosion.

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Made of titanium or stainless steel, Model 517 submersible pressure transmitter provides pressure readings in ranges from 30 in. to 1,200 ft of water. It is less than 7/8 in. dia., has HDPE or neoprene cable, piezoresistive sensor, accuracy of 0.05% FS, and lightning protection. Versions with FM/CSA intrinsic safety approvals are available. Its 4 to 20 mA signal minimizes potential outside interference and signal degradation over long cable lengths.

Original Press Release:

Model 517 Submersible Titanium Pressure Transmitter

Viatran Corporation's Model 517 is a durable, all media submersible pressure transmitter designed to provide accurate performance and readings from 30" to 1200 feet of water.

- Less than 7/8" diameter
- Corrosion resistant
- Ranges from 30" to 1200 feet of water
- Fast Delivery
- Titanium or stainless steel construction
- HDPE or Neoprene Cable
- Accuracy to 0.05% FSO available
- Competitive pricing

- Down hole water wells
- Water and sewage treatment plants
- Marine / Shipboard
- Utility wet wells
- Telemetry systems
- Inground and underground tanks
- Chemical waste facilities
- Leachate beds
- Mine shaft levels
- Ground water and environmental drilling

The Model 517 features an all-welded titanium or stainless steel design, coupled with customer specified cable to ensure a media proof seal. The piezoresistive sensor provides high accuracy and stability with an improved accuracy version available down to 0.05% FSO Non-Linearity. The internal circuitry of the Model 517 provides lightning protection with FM/CSA Intrinsic Safety approvals available. The shielded 4-20 mA signal minimizes potential outside interference and signal degradation over long cable lengths. (mV/V output is also optionally available.)

In addition to competitive pricing, other features include an end cap with a 1/4" NPT pressure port for validating calibration of the unit against a known pressure source and an optional end cap for use when weights are required.

For more information on Viatran's Model 517 liquid level pressure transmitter, call today.

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