Pressure Transducers withstand electromagnetic noise.

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P321 OEM differential pressure transducers, available with pressure ranges from 0-5 PSI to 0-50 PSI (with 60 PSI operating line pressure), operate on 5 Vdc power supply, and provide 0.5 to 4.5 Vdc output. Housings are compatible with various liquids and gases, and may be specified with or without bracket assembly. Sensing technologies are repeatable, stable, and accurate, and are designed to withstand hostile, high temperature, shock, and vibration.

Original Press Release:

Model P321 OEM Differential Pressure Transducers Designed For Flow Measurements

Moorpark, CA --- Kavlico's model P321, OEM differential pressure transducers are ideal for air-flow (ventilation), water flow, engine air intake flow, exhaust gas flow, coolant-flow, oil-flow, fuel-flow, and product mixing and blending applications. These transducers have been specifically designed for high volume applications.

The transducers can be specified with pressure ranges of 0-5 PSI to 0-50 PSI, with a 60 PSI operating line pressure. They operate on a 5 Vdc power supply, providing a 0.5 to 4.5 Vdc output. The rugged housings are compatible with a wide array of liquids and gases, and may be specified with or without a bracket assembly depending upon the mounting configuration requirements.

Kavlico sensing technologies are extremely repeatable, stable, and accurate. These robust sensors have been designed to withstand hostile, high temperature, high shock, high vibration, and electromagnetic noise environments.

The P321 differential pressure transducers are economical devices that have no moving parts, and provide reliable flow measurement options when coupled with venturi tubes, flow nozzles, orifice plates, or pitot tubes.

These transducers are presently used in the on/off-highway, construction equipment, power generation, and general industrial market sectors.

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